Since this month is all about love, I thought I would share some really cute date night outfit ideas with you guys.  I have an option for if you want to dress it up…and sex it up a little…or do a more casual jeans and a cute top look.  I love both looks and I think you guys will too.



Remember when I talked about our date weekend when I posted about our trip to the Grand Ole Opry last week?  Remember how I mentioned that our kids where at Valentine’s spend the night camp for the weekend?  Well we actually started our weekend out with dinner with friends at Fin and Pearl, a new restaurant here in Nashville.  Guys!  It was amazing!  I am going to be doing a full write-up on it for my Nashville Travel Series, but I wanted to give you a little heads up about it because I don’t want you to have to wait until the full write-up is done.  First off, the restaurant is gorgeous.  Beautiful wood, really high backed booths, an amazing bar and beach style that is done just right.  Steve and I are huge seafood lovers and oyster lovers in particular.  If you love oysters then you have to come for their oyster bar alone.  Out of this world!  I had the whole Bronzini and it was AMAZING!  I also have five words that are going to basically change your life forever….HOT BUTTERED LOBSTER WHIPPED POTATOES.  Yes, you read that right.  Their side dishes are amazing, but this one has to be the stand out.  Okay, I am not going to give any more away because I want to give it the full write-up it deserves.  Seriously, if you are coming to Nashville you better put this one on your list!

Alright, now that I have told you where to go on date night I want to share with you what to wear.  Here are the two different looks I went with.  I PROMISE you can’t go wrong with either.  (PS that gorgeous bar you see me sitting at in some of these pictures….you guessed it; it’s the bar at Fin and Pearl.  Told you it was good!


Bodysuit | Skirt | Belt | Shoes | Bangles | Earrings | Necklace

This first look is a great way to be a little sexy without trying to pretend like we are all 21 and in the club again.  I know you guys are going to think I am crazy, but one of my favorite places to shop for date night looks is Express.  I know you guys are looking at me with the side eye, like what is an almost 40 year old woman doing at Express, but I promise they have some really cute things if you look around.  Like this fabulous black skirt with a black body suit and an awesome wide waist belt.  See told you so.


Jacket | Cami | Necklace

This next look is a great look for a fun night out (even if it is a date night with your girlfriends).  I absolutely love the simplicity of a pretty cami paired with a great jacket.  I haven’t fully been able to jump on board the bomber jacket trend yet…until I found this one.  You know that I am not really a girl for embellishments or patches or anything like that, but this is a perfect option if you want to test the trend without all the “stuff”.  It is a really slim cut, which is super flattering, and has a little bit of a sheen too it which makes it perfect for a night out.  It actually would also be a perfect spring jacket when the nights are still a little chilly.  It would also be great paired with just a joggers and a t-shirt if you wanted to wear it for day.

And every great date night outfit needs a great bag.  I am not sure if you saw my insta-stories on this or not, but Wren and Roch sent me the most amazing bag with the most amazing mission to share with you guys.  Wren and Roch was started by two women who are survivors of domestic and sexual abuse.  They have used their experience to create a platform to help empower survivors of domestic violence, rape and childhood sexual assault.  A portion of proceeds from every bag sold goes to support organizations that provide education about violence against women and help survivors of abuse.  Beautiful bags for an even more beautiful cause.

I got their Street Smart Clutch in Body Guard and I am OBSESSED!  First of all, it truly is a luxury handbag.  So well constructed with absolutely gorgeous materials.  They seriously smell like the most delicious leather. I LOVE the finger clutch on it which allows you to carry your drink or dance the night away without ever having to worry where you are going to put your purse. GENIUS. Here is the best part, Wren and Roch has extended a discount code just for my followers. So if you want a great bag, for a great cause then use code LOVELANDYN at checkout for 20% off your purchase.




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February 24, 2017



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Landyn, can we talk white jeans? This is what I’ve discovered…
1. Thick white denim is best
2. Usually no stretch, just standard denim.
3. My current white jeans are guys’ from Old Navy. I distressed them myself. If your bod works in guys’ jeans, I highly recommend trying it out.
4. I also have a pair of flare (almost bell bottom🙊) that are really flattering actually. All the above 👆🏼denim rules apply. I think the flare leg balances out the "white jeans big butt syndrome" and actually makes your butt look normal.

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