I was able to spend last Saturday afternoon taking in all the sights + sounds and great design that was The Antique & Garden Show that took place in Nashville over the weekend. What a treat it was to be asked to cover this prestigious event.


I was fortunate to sit down with the one and only Mary McDonald. We talked about all things life + design. I can only imagine at these events she gets hit hard with all questions pertaining to design and rightfully so, but you know I’m a girls girl and really just wanted to know what kind of cocktail she drinks and her favorite paint color. We had fun and talked about all the things! I wish you could have been a fly on the wall. She’s a hoot and I just loved spending those 20 minutes together. Here are some of things I was curious to know…

LWL | We wanna know your go-to paint color?
MM | I actually don’t have one. I’m one of those people that don’t really like to do the same thing twice. Of course everyone has to use white and black. I guess I do use and love the color Clunch by Farrow & Ball. It’s an off white when I’m looking for something that’s not supposed to be white. It has an aged, slighty ecru quality and perfect for when I’m looking for a color that’s supposed to look somewhat old.

LWL | Who’s your style icon?
MM | There’s so many that I like. I don’t just like interiors. I love fashion too. But some of my favorites are Nancy Lancaster and Sister Parish.I really love an old school look. But I’m really loving this more contemporary designer out of Spain, his name is Lorenzo Castillo.

LWL | What’s your go-to hostess git?
MM | I’m still really old fashion. I like giving soaps and hand towels. I always have them on hand.

LWL | Is there a design trick you swear by?
MM | If you have a dark room, make it darker. I do that everywhere I can. People are scared and say, we have no light here, so let’s make it white. I need it lighter. The bottom line is it will never get lighter. So make it a jewel box. Paint it a dark color and put light furniture against it.

LWL | Favorite cocktail?
MM | Caipirinha
*curious to know what goes into that, click here for the recipe

LWL | Is there any color combos you are done with?
MM | Electric lime green. I’m sick of anything that’s sort of electric. I’m done with pink and green. I never need to see that combo again.

LWL | You’ll never regret splurging on what?
MM |  Jewelry.

LWL | What are your thoughts on layering rugs?
MM | Yeah I do. I love layering a wool rug on top of a jute area rug. I like a bohemiam look.

LWL | What is your favorite room to decorate?
MM | The bedroom.

LWL | Who’s your dream client?
MM | Prince William and Kate

LWL | Is there something you can do for under $100 that will make a big impact?
MM | Paint is a budget worthy decorators best friend. Paint will do the most to a space.

LWL | Do you shop at Target?
MM | Yes. I’ll be there getting stuff. I’ll see some huge photograph that’s so great looking. They do have really great things there. I can see things anywhere if it catches my eye. I’m not a snob about things that are stylish.


After the interview I was invited to sit in on the designer panel lecture. Made up of four of the top designers in the US today; Mary McDonald + Nathan Turner + Jesse Carrier & Mara Miller.  The dream team moderator was none other than, Robert Leleux. He guided a spirited and often times funny discussion amongst the panel. Watching all these tastemakers interact was a real treat. They covered topics of travel. Where they go and how it influences their design. Which led to social media and how that’s deepened their inspiration. Things that we all use as well, such as Pinterest and Instagram. They get down those same late night rabbit holes as we do. How finding a guy from a village in Austraila that makes pottery, and now his art is sitting on a coffee table of client that just graced the cover of Architectural Digest. It’s crazy how big this world is, yet one image connects us all and inspires even the most talented minds.


Next for me, was to walk all the many booths of vendors from all over. I was completely over whelmed by all the beauty that was on display. The first thing that really grabbed my attention was this absolutely stunning pink piece by artist Ed Nash. And I don’t even like pink. But WOW, I’m in love and kinda think I’d like that somewhere. If you’re into abstract art, you really need to check him out.

Strolling through all the garden spaces that were designed by the top landscape designers in the country was such a treat and really has me ready for spring to get here.  I loved taking in some of the unique furniture and accessories that were on display in all the vendors booth’s.  It was basically like shopping at the world’s biggest and best antiques mall.  Thinks Scott’s on steroids!  If you are a lover of home decor and design then you definitely need to make a special trip to Nashville for next year’s show so you can check it out in person!

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February 10, 2017



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Come visit San Francisco! Like Tony Bennett sings "you’ll leave your heart here"

Love it all! Can you link the dress you’re wearing? So cute! 🙂

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