Eeeeeek! I am so excited for today’s post.  It has been almost two years since we completed our pool and pool house construction.  I have been asked so many times for a full tour of the pool house and today is the day.  This bad boy is going to be a long one because there are a lot of pictures and I want to try and share/source as much information as I can about the details of the space.  We love it and live in this area from basically May through October.  It was such a labor of love and I had the best time designing it and picking out all the fixtures, finishes and furnishings.

Summer 2020 update! You can watch my Instagram Highlight tour here.


We worked with a really amazing team of architects, builders, and landscape designers to bring this project to life, and although it will probably only help local Nashville people, I wanted to share the team that we worked with.  This project was not without difficulties, like any project but… Brian Smallwood and Kyle Mckiness, of Smallwood Nickle, were the architects who designed the pool house.  We loved working with this firm so much, that they are also doing my closet design.  The area of town we live in is a historic area and working through zoning ordinances and the council can sometimes be a challenge and they were fabulous at handling that.  Michael Cronin Acoustic Construction was the builder who handled build out of the pool house and Waterscapes Backyard Resorts did the pool. Rock Creek Landscaping handle all of the landscape design and installation.  Again, if you are looking to build, remodel or do a pool in your backyard, I can not recommend these guys enough.  All great to work with.


Is it bad to be completely in love with an inanimate object, because if loving this pool house is wrong, I don’t want to be right.  I love, love this space and am so proud of how it all turned out.  There are just so many unique elements and pieces that make it totally special to me.  The wood on the bar and the shelves came off a snow drift fence in Wyoming. No stain or anything, just its natural weathering. We debated a lot about whether to air condition this space and ultimately decided not to.  Because of this we knew that air movement was going to be very important in keeping this space cool and usable throughout the hot Nashville summers.  Enter Big Ass Fans, yes that is really the company’s name.  We selected their Essence Fan and can not say enough good things about it.  It does a great job cooling such a big space and we are able to comfortably use the pool house even on the hottest summer days.  The gold chandelier over the seating area is from Arteriors, but unfortunately I can’t find it on their website anymore and the rug is the Dash + Albert Crystal Indoor/Outdoor Rug in Black

Entertaining was one of the main purposes of this space, so we wanted to make sure we had plenty of eating and seating space.  Almost all the furniture in this space is actually Summer Classics and we love all of it!  It is such high quality and both the fabric and furniture hold up really well.  The sofa is from their Rustic Collection and the color is Oyster.  The throw pillows are from CB2.  Unfortunately they don’t sell these exact ones before but they always have an amazing selection of black and white pillows.

We wanted to ability to feed a lot of people out here so we went with long farm-style table from Restoration Hardware that comfortably seats 14.  Since the table was a splurge, I wanted to pick a relatively inexpensive chair that could handle wet bathing suit bottoms sitting on it.  I went with the Bistro Chairs from World Market.  One of the coolest pieces in this space are the lights that hang above the dining table.  They are actually jet thrusters that were salvaged off a plane in Vietnam and then rewired to be pendant lights.  I got them here locally at Garden Parks Antiques and they are definitely a statement piece and conversation starter.  The cool Nashville sign is from Weird Stuff Cool Things here in Nashville and I love it.  It is a functioning light and it looks so neat all lit up.

Steve is a big time cook and we kitted the outdoor kitchen to his eat specifications.  We have a grill and built in Big Green Egg in the kitchen, as well as a deep fryer and a gas burner all from BBQ Brothers. I can’t say enough about GREAT they were to order from and their prices were the best I found. We wanted convenience so we included beverage fridges and a dishwasher out here too.  I highly recommend if you are building an outdoor kitchen space to consider adding a dishwasher if at all possible.  We also have a kegerator that has two taps so we can always have Steve’s favorite beer’s on tap. Bell’s Two Hearted Ale 🙂


We added a pool bath to the pool house because ain’t nobody got time for their to be wet dripping feet and bathing suits running through my house.  The counter is my absolute favorite piece in the room.  It was handbuilt with wood from Woodstock Vintage Lumber that has been salvaged from three different buildings.  To match the rustic look of the countertop we went with pipe fittings for the vanity legs and towel bar and the fixtures and sink are from Ferguson Plumbing Supply.

Towel Hooks | Towels


I get asked frequently about the furniture that we have in and around the pool house.  As I mentioned above, all of the outdoor furniture is from Summer Classics.  Our lounge chairs (and sand chairs that aren’t pictured here but will be in next weeks post) are from their Skye Collection and are in the color oyster, just like the sectional sofa in the pool house.  We opted to do them without cushions, but you can add a cushion to the lounger if you want to.  We used the fabric Cordial Classics, the black and white stripe, as the accent fabric for all of the pillows.  I have been really pleased with the way the fabric has held up.  As you know, I am not always nice to my outdoor pillows and cushions and don’t bring them inside in the winter.  I know, I know.  However, this fabric has held up beautifully and I just clean it with Scott’s Outdoor Fabric Cleaner and the mildew and dirt comes right off.  Good as new!

We also have 2 outdoor eating areas, and some high topped tables that we can move around when and where we need them.  The table and chairs are from Summer Classics.  The chairs are from their Westport Collection and the table is from their Oxford Collection.  I added that string of lights, that I think I got at Costco, to help define the seating area and provide some soft lighting when people are eating out there at night.


This last part is going to be VERY boring unless you are planning on building a pool; however, I get asked about the materials we used and the specifics of our pool all the time, so I will share them here.  As I mentioned, Waterscapes Backyard Resorts built the pool and they were sweet enough to send over all the specs from our pool, because lord knows after 2 years I can’t remember them.  So our pool is 18’x38′ and it was an 8’x10′ spa.  We went with a tanning ledge in the pool and I can not recommend it enough.  It is one of my favorite features of the pool.  The decking around the pool with Silver Travatine and we have Limestone Coping.  The interior of the pool is Mediterranean Blue Hydrazzo Plaster.  The waterline tile in the pool is from Sonoma Tile Makers.  It is the Vihara Ehex Mink in Silk.

Well, that’s a wrap.  Hope you enjoyed the tour of the pool and pool house and answered all your questions.  Let me know if there is anything I missed.



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July 28, 2017



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HOLY CRAP this is gorgeous! A true oasis at your own home. Thanks for sharing!

Absolutley perfect! Odd and random question-where is the distressed Pepsi crate from?

Absolutely stunning! I love your space ❤️ Random question, but do you happen to know the brand/color of the roof? We are getting a new roof for our home and I love your architectural shingles! Thanks!

Love it all so much. Thank you for taking the time to share the beautiful details. It was so fun to see all the pictures and read about it. ♥

Thank you so much for the information. We are planning on redoing our pool soon and this really helps. Your pool and pool house are gorgeous.

Beautiful, Landyn!! Love those flower pots😍🙌🏼

Landyn! I love everything that you post! Your fashion and decorating sense is awesome! My husband and I are planning a trip to Nashville in August what are some things that we must do while there!!!!

Hey Landyn! Omg.. I just recently become a follower. Can I just say I think if I lived close to you we would totally be BFF’s! Lol. I like am obsessed with your ideas, recipes, clothes (like major with the clothes- the Nordstorm sale got me in some trouble from your recommendations- ha ha), and basically YOU! Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us. I have a sister that lives in Franklin. She loves Nashville. I’m from Northern Ky/Cincinnati area. We always come down to Franklin and absolutely LOVE it. We love shopping downtown Franklin, going… Read more »

Just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing.


Wow! Incredible!


Love it!


Hi! We are about to start renovating a house that we just bought. I was wondering what was the name of the paint color for the interior pool house walls. Thank you so much and your new website is amazing!

Reply to  livingwithland

Thank you!

Debrah Jones

Could you please post a pic of the layout/blueprint for your poolhouse? I love the way it flows!

Reply to  Debrah Jones

Hey girl! I’ll try to see if I can pull that info. It was a few years ago, so I’ll have to check.

Cat Norwood

I would love that too! Researching for our pool house plans as well! Thank you!

Lisa DeBord

Where are the ceiling fans from? ♥️

Tiffany Brinson

Does Summer Classics make the pool umbrellas and side tables by the loungers? Moved into a house with a pool and trying to make it more “us” style wise:) thanks in advance!!


Love this! Thank you for sharing! What is the name of the black trim paint color?


Thank you for sharing! What is the paint color for the black trim?


Where did you get the screen (What brand I’m in Florida) that comes down when the doors are open all the way? Thanks


Where did the screen that comes down from the outdoor ceiling come from. I need something like this. I’m in Florida so the brand would help


Hi Landyn! Where are the black lights from that are over your windows? Thank you!!


Absolutely gorgeous, what were the black target chairs in the garden that you used? I cannot find it anywhere on your site, thanks!! Love you, mean it!


Beautiful! Do you like/recommend a bright white upholstery or more of a natural color?

Reply to  Sandy

Absolutely! We love it.

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