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I am so excited to be able to introduce you guys to Amanda and Micaela of A&M Events, the event planning dynamic duo who are helping produce the Living with Landyn Live Event.  Let me be the first to say that neither Julia or I have ever done anything like this show and to say we are learning as we go is a HUGE understatement.  It has been such an enormous help to have A&M Events guiding us through this process.  There are SO many details and technical aspects that we would have never even thought about if it was not for them.  One of the reasons that we chose them is that they have had so much experience not just planning gorgeous weddings and parties, but they also have planned huge conferences for global organizations.  That was a major selling point for us because the Live show has elements of both the most gorgeous wedding or party you have ever been to (if I do say so myself), combined with lots of the technical needs of a large conference.  The moral of this long-winded story is, if you ever have an event need of any type, do yourself and favor and call Micaela and Amanda. They were sweet enough to agree to be here with me today to share a little bit about how they got started in the industry and some of their best party planning tips and tricks.  So without further ado, here are Micaela and Amanda…..Could they be any cuter?

How did you both get started in the event industry? What drew you to it?

Amanda: I knew exactly what I wanted to do from an early age! In high school, I interned for an event coordinator in Tulsa, Oklahoma. To be honest, she didn’t handle the role very well, but the experience gave me an opportunity to step up and learn on the fly. My attention to detail and team-oriented leadership style mesh with the fast-paced events industry.

Micaela: I fell into the industry after graduating from college. I was a public policy and sociology major and always thought I’d work in politics or government. However, once I landed at a corporate event production company here in Nashville, I quickly realized that it really suited my personality. I have always been a self-starter and meticulously organized. You have to be a certain kind of crazy to love this job!

 photo: Wild Cotton Photography photo: Wild Cotton Photography

How did you meet and decide to join together to start this company?

Amanda: Micaela and I were the same year at Vanderbilt University and had tons of mutual friends, but never crossed paths. After college, we met while working at a corporate event production company. Micaela was on the sales team and I was a project manager. Our partnership was initially based more on friendship than strategy, but we our skill sets and personalities complement each other. We’re like each other’s second spouse!

Micaela: After just a few months of working side by side at our corporate event production job,
we quickly realized that we weren’t ever going to feel completely fulfilled in our roles. We needed the creative outlet that wedding coordination provided. Eventually a few weddings here and there turned into a full-time corporate and special events company.

Tell us a little bit more about your company

A&M Events isn’t your typical event planning company. We really do believe that good luck is the result of good planning.  As Landyn mentioned, we really do get to experience the best of both worlds by providing corporate and social event planning.  Whether it is an intimate wedding, a reception for several hundred, or a conference for a national association, we approach each event with the same methodology to ensure an organized, well run and inspired event. At the end of the day, a smile and solution-oriented attitude is way more attractive than a ball of stress and anxiety.

 photo: Paul Hughes photo: Paul Hughes

In your opinion, what is the key to a successful event?

Amanda: We never use the words “assume” or “it will work out.” Micaela once got a fortune    cookie that said “good luck is the result of good planning.”

Micaela: Not taking anything too seriously. At the end of the day, it’s just an event. Have fun
with it and roll with the punches, because they’ll definitely come your way.

What has been your favorite event you’ve ever done?

Amanda: Whether a group is coming to Nashville for a conference or a weekend retreat, we
love developing authentically Nashville itineraries tailored specifically to each client. We’re in
love with our city and feel proud sharing it with visitors!

Micaela: The wedding we coordinated at Blackberry Farm was not only a fabulous opportunity,
but it was also such a special weekend with an incredible family. It truly felt like we were hanging out with our own families for three days. A&M Events tends to attract like-minded folks who want to put together a successful event and are able to “let go” enough to have a good time with their guests!

 photo: Celladora Wedding Photography photo: Celladora Wedding Photography

If you can only afford to do one special thing in an event, what is the one thing you recommend and why?

Amanda: Keep it simple! A beautiful space with a few touches is often as impactful as a decked-out venue.

Micaela: From a decor perspective, lighting is critical. Just a few uplights can transform a space and add a luxurious element. From a guest experience perspective, investing in a good band or DJ is SO important. This can keep your party alive or absolutely kill it.

What is typically the biggest challenge when planning an event? What are some tips or tricks to getting around that challenge.

Micaela: Space availability in Nashville is a challenge! This is definitely getting better as more
hotels and event spaces open up, but we find that flexibility is key. You might have one venue in mind, but end up with something completely different instead. Nine times out of ten, it all works out for the best.

 photo: Jen + Chris Creed photo: Jen + Chris Creed

Why did you want to get involved in the LWL Live event?

Micaela: When Landyn announced her plans for the event, I had been following her for a few
months. I was drawn to her authenticity and knew that a live event would be such an organic
extension of her blog and social media. Her followers are the types of women I’d like to get to
know and even work with someday.

 photo: Amy Allmand photo: Amy Allmand

Thank you so much Micaela and Amanda for being here with me today and thank you again for all you have done to help us get our very first Living with Landyn Live off the ground.  It is going to be a spectacular day and we are so grateful for your teams help and expertise.  Seriously ladies, if you need help planning anything these are the girls you better call.  I hope you all enjoyed a tiny little sneak peek into the work of an event planner.  If you guys are interested in any more behind the scenes planning posts just let me know and I will try to pull one together.  I don’t want to bore you with the detail, or giveaway too many of the surprises, but if you guys are interested it is something we might be able to get together.



Call (615) 784-8225 or Email

PO Box 40082 Nashville, TN 37204


Header Photos: photo: Jen + Chris Creed


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August 23, 2017



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