Well, we’re one week into the next 365 days. I don’t really like to say New Year, cause what if you mess up and then you’ve got to wait until 2019 for a do-over. Nah. I mess up daily, and sometimes I can’t fix it until next week or next month. So, let’s don’t be so hard on ourselves this year. Let’s just do our best and be a better version of ourselves. Cause I’d say we’re doing pretty darn good. Am I right, ladies?! Pat yourself on the back….some of us made it through holiday break with our kids home for almost three weeks. Vacation anyone? That’s what I should have asked for Christmas!

Ok, so if you’re new to Living With Landyn, than this will sound fun and something to look forward to weekly. If we’ve been besties for a while now, you’ll be saying, “IT’S ABOUT TIME” Great! This week my very popular HEY LANDYN….I’VE GOT A QUESTION series is back on the blog starting today and every Monday. It’s when I answer your questions and the most popular from the week before. Maybe it’s something you saw me wearing, a paint color, a question about skin care or even what to get your best friend that just got engaged.

I LOVE your questions and want you to email them to me. I created a brand new address where you can send them – heylandyn@www.livingwithlandyn.com  Whenever you’ve got one, send it right there. This is the best way to get your questions answered. I try really hard, but sometimes they get lost in DM’s on Instagram & Facebook. I think this will work much better. Let’s give it a try and you let me know what you think. Cool? Cool.

Alright, let’s kick off 2018 with some of your burning questions!


Oh, this beauty the Multi Bar Necklace I know. I’m obsessed. I’ve been lusting over it for a while and my hubby got it for me for Christmas, along with these two rings. {MRS + Luna} If you don’t know, Melanie Auld’s jewelry is ALL THE THINGS! She’s a wife + mother and has an unbelievable talent and that shows in every one of her pieces. Her jewelry is seriously B E A U T I F U L. I want everything. It’s all so me.  Again, she NAILED it with this one. Delicate game, strong! Check her out, if you don’t already. If you end up falling in love like me…go ahead, I dare you not too. Enjoy 15% off as a gift from Melanie- use LANDYN15 at checkout.


You’re welcome


I have two thoughts on this. One is…you live in my house therefore you help around the house. That means not giving me any lip when I ask you to feed the dog or clean up your room. Two is you need to learn about earning and how it feels to wait, save up and take care of something you spent your hard earned money on. Not be handed everything. Cause that’s not real life. Also we like to remind them that is is our money, not theirs. Mom and Dad worked hard for all that we have and you’re not going to just sit back and become a member of the lucky sperm club. Ha! Too much for a Monday? I recently heard that and had to laugh. Anyways..that’s our philosophy.

Here’s how we handle allowance. Our kids started chores early. Even if it was picking up toys, or putting their plate in the sink before they could see over the counter. It has given them responsibility at a young age, and that has done them well + given me less to nag about. Since the age of six or when they started kindergarten, came jobs they needed to complete daily.

  • make bed- even if it’s not perfect, they eventually, over time got pretty good at it.
  • hang up your towel in bathroom
  • wash the toothpaste out of the sink – nothing worse than spit n’ go
  • put laundry away – I would put it folded on their bed and they would put in in the drawer that it belonged in
  • set the table – something as easy as place the napkins + forks on the table
  • clear the table- helping me get everything from the table to the kitchen sink
  • feed the dog + give him water
  • get themselves up + dressed in the morning for school * this one is another blog post, but lets just say our mornings are pretty smooth around here. Thankful I started that one early.

Now, let’s talk payment. We’ve always given them their age a week for allowance. For instance Lily, $13 a week and Luke $10 a week. It’s worked perfectly and has been just the right age-appropriate amount. Each year on their birthday they will receive a $1 raise. Now, if they don’t do all that we ask or get sassy that week, they stand to lose a a few bucks or all of it for that matter. And that’s how we do it around here.


Now, this thing is THE BEST EVER. I don’t know about you, but I loose my keys, can’t find them on the bottom of my purse, always carrying way too much and most of the time running into some place without my purse…so what do I do with my keys?!?! Drop them. Ha! That was me…not anymore. I got this Big O Key Ring last year and I kid you not. It’s one of my favorite things. It’s like a bracelet with purpose. Girls….listen, do yourself a favor and treat yo-self. I have the white one. But now, I really want the mocha ostrich one. Dang it. See, you guys get me in trouble too.

Here’a a link right to they’re shop!



| same top, now in many colors + I layer my lip gloss, who wears just one anyways. this one and the one under my picture |





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February 9, 2018



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Do you think that the multi bar necklace will come back in stock? When I click on the link it says "The page you requested does not exist. Click here to continue shopping." I love the necklace and would like to order one if they come back in stock. Thank you.


Do you think the multi bar necklace will be in stock soon? I was going to get one as a Keto goal maker gift to myself!! SAD!

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