Here it is…Landyn Loves! To kick off last week, I was featured on the Jamie Ivey Happy Hour podcast, so if you haven’t listened, you can check it out here. After catching up on sleep, spending time with the fam, and just resting the first half of last week, (thank you ladies for being patient) I was in the mood to cook up one of my favorite fall meals. So in the spirit of the season, I shared the yummiest Pumpkin Chili recipe with you all on Wednesday. Who’s tried it? While on the topic of food, I also made some cinnamon rolls for the fam that you’d never know were from a can thanks to a house hold favorite, Immaculate Baking….have you made these?!? And later in the week, Steve made chicken and ribs with the chili lime and shoulder rub from Spiceology spices.

Then it was all about the tour! I did a late in the week Landyn Loves recap tour edition that included both what I packed/wore and the full tour recap that featured items during the show. So, if you’ve had any questions about anything tour related, read up there!

Then it was off to Party City to get all the serving goodies for the 5th annual Hutchinson Halloween Party, from the “Cheers Witches” napkins to the “Poison” stirrers, you can find them there. Hey, maybe they’ll go on sale after tomorrow and you can stock up for next year’s shin dig. Next stop, Frugal MacDoogal for some dranks! I found a very festive American Pale Ale by Your Pet Cat that was perfect for the Halloween party. HA! Oh, the names. The majority of my decorations I used were from last year, but you can check out the Halloween Tablescape post I did to grab some of the items that are still available! The party was such a good time! Vroom Vroom Balloon did it again…every. single. time. they provide the most beautiful (in this case spookiest) balloon displays. Can’t rave enough about them. This year, we also decided to use a caterer to take most of the pressure off this girl, I just couldn’t think about cooking for 40. Clean Plate Club made the day so much easier by providing the most delicious spread. Seriously, THE BEST! I mean the Buffalo Chicken Dip was one for the books. Plus, Festively Frosted Cookie Co sent me the sweetest Halloween cookies that I set out for our guests. And last but not least, I can’t forget Go Bonanza Booth that captured every last moment! Like I said, what’s a party without funny pictures?!!? We never left that thing!

You bet I took it easy this weekend after that partay. Us adults don’t bounce back like we used to! But it’s a new week and I’m back at it. I spent the day with my girl Oxana yesterday at her new salon in Nashville and was done up by my girl, Annalise Carey, for a very exciting photoshoot with Brooke Boling of Honor Creative. Oxana is the best in the biz when it comes to hair, so stop in for a visit if you can. Once I found out what that brush thingy was that she used in my hair, It creates texture and volume and I’m OBSESSED. It was like magic fairy dust. She text me late last night and I found it here and here, just in case one place sells out. YAY!! I thought for sure it was going to be one of those “salon only” kinda things. Yep, you better believe I ordered one!

One last thing…And no I’m not going to stop telling you…SHAVE YOUR FACE. Everything you need is below!




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October 30, 2018



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Video is unavailable 🙁

It should be fixed now!

Hey Landyn,
Love love this space you have created to make us laugh, a feel like we are real friends. 🙂 I found the hair product on the Davines website and it’s the same price and in stock. I can’t wait to try it. Thanks for all you do to make our lives a little brighter. 🙂

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