It’a Small Business Saturday! As a small business owner, this day means more to me than you know. I want to say thank you to everyone because this would not be possible at all without any of you. I also love it because I get to celebrate some of my good friends and favorite small businesses. These women are some of the hardest working women that I know and I am proud to call them my friends!

  1. I am so proud of my dear friend, Mallory Ervin, for the first launch of her new merch, Live Fully! She is pure sunshine.

  2. The Love + Lion ladies have been some of my favorites for a while now, they have some of the best gift- like custom tattoos! Such a good follow too.

  3. If you were following me during my closet renovation, you know that Luxe Holdups helped me add the finishing touches, and keep you’re eye out for my guest house reno! Trust me, you cannot go wrong with them. I mean… acrylic + brass. Yes please.

  4. Lori Paranjape just recently launched her new wallpaper collection and now I need ALL OF IT. You guys have to put it somewhere in your house. ASAP.

  5. Remember when Mattie Smith from, H. Audrey made me that custom Disco Cowgirl shirt? That is her new clothing line and I couldn’t be more proud! Giddy Up!

  6. Melissa has been a dear friend of mine for years now and she has some of the best hook ups when it comes to hair, beauty and styling products at Parlour 3. It’s a MUST GO in Nashville. And with her 3 salons and one more on the way, she’s the hardest working girl I know. LOVE you Melissa!

  7. You know I love The Perfect Pair, especially since they are in my neck of the woods. Whitney always knows exactly what I am looking for when I walk in. Her style is on point.

  8. If you are looking for girls clothes, MagPies is the place to shop! My dear friend Maggie is one of the most hard working girls that I know! She not only empowers young girls in our community, but spreads her love where ever she goes. If you’ve got a little girl, you must visit one of her locations. It’s to die for!

  9. Ellen Jay Sweets will forever have a place in my heart (and my tummy) ever since we first met right before my tour weekend. These ladies can create anything with a cookie, they blow me away every time.

  10. I still use Laura Lea’s first cook book and I am more than excited for her second one to come out! If you’re not following her, you should be! She’s such a delight. And her skin…..OMG. It must be all that healthy eating.

  11. I have been obsessed with this Black Shagreen Nail Bracelet ever since I received it in the mail! The ladies from The Grace Collection make some of the prettiest jewelry. Edgy + effortless, two of my faves.

  12. PS Forty Six has been dear to my heart, since she first donated 500 key chains for my first Nashville show! She has a heart of gold and makes the best custom hand stamped bracelets, necklaces and keychains. Please go check her out!

  13. Callie Dauler is such a joy whenever I am around her and I love that she uses her platform to spread that joy + positive vibes with everyone that comes in contact with her. She’s created these daily Gratitude Journals to keep track with your gratitude. LOVE THIS SO MUCH CALLIE. Xx

  14. Elizabeth Allen has been such godsend when it comes to Nashville Boutiques. Her style is unique and classic and you always feel welcomed when you walk into E. Allen. I’m not sure what I love more…her or her style.

  15. Joy from Omi Beads is my OG girl. She helped me create my first stack of bracelets and she will forever hold a special place in my heart. LOVE YOU Joy!


  1. Linen & Flax– these sweet ladies outfitted my stage for the Hey Landyn LIVE Tour this fall and it was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. Their style and mine are just the same and their LOVE of all things white runs true! Please check them out if you’re looking for interior design inspo. Plus they have a clothing boutique too, L & F Clothing Co.

  2. Purseption Bags– Where my concert + sports loving girls at? Well, you know you need a clear bag these days to do any of the above. Look no further… they have the most stylish + chic gameday bags out there. My personal fave The Bren in black!

  3. Harlan Ruby or as you might know them, Vroom Vroom Balloon. Fiona and Sunny are two of the most talented gr
    oup of girls I know. I mean… the things they can do with latex balloons is INSANE. If you’re in Nashville you must pop on over and check out their adorable party store, or shop it online. It’s so much more than any of those chain retailers. You can’t help but feel HAPPY in there.

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November 24, 2018


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