As the closet was finishing up and I was watching all the beautiful details come together, I was BEYOND ready to get in there! It was like seeing your Christmas gifts under the tree but not being able to play with them yet.

top | skirt | shoes | belt | earrings

I was dying to move into my dream closet and sure enough, we were able to start the process the day before Christmas. I mean, talk about a Christmas present! I was so tempted to bring the Christmas tree into the closet and tell everyone we were going to celebrate Christmas in the new closet, it was gorgeous and so exciting. Being able to start moving in was the best Christmas gift I could have gotten.

cambria | brittanicca warm | matte finish | benjamin moore simply white paint

textures nashville | peachey flooring | the landyn

I love to organize things, and being able to get in there and put things away was such a great feeling. It was like moving into a new kitchen, and for the first time, I finally has a space for everything! Never, in any of my other homes have I had a place for everything. I mean, belts, scarves, sunglasses, shoes, handbags, everything had a shelf or a drawer or a place to be. It was just such a fun process and I think that it is MUCH easier to keep things clean and organized when everything has a place.

benjamin moore classic gray paint | pillows | redo home + design

Since being in my new closet, I love getting ready, I love packing and crazy enough, I even enjoy putting away laundry. I used to HATE putting away laundry, but now I don’t mind anymore. Making pretty choices really does make an impact on your everyday life! Being able to turn the spaces we spend our lives into place of beauty and comfort makes a difference.

It has been a long process and I am so thankful for everyone who has been waiting on this reveal and along for the ride. As you can imagine, even when the main construction is done, all of the small details are still coming together. We were waiting on curtains that needed to be made, rugs that needed to be ordered and all the little accessories that make a room feel complete were still being decided on. But finally everything is finished and I am so excited to share the final reveal with you all!


acrylic cabinet hardware

If you read the first post, you know that our new accessories closets used to be the only closet for both Steve and I before the renovation. Now the accessories closet holds my shoes, handbags, jewelry, sunglasses, and perfume, as well as Steve’s accessories. He has one side and I have the other.

We took a leap of faith and ordered these drawer liners from an online company called The Jewelry Tray Factory. Funny enough, they are based in Florida, right next to my old hometown where I grew up. So they gotta be good right? We ordered those and selected the color we wanted, we went with the pearl color. You have to measure exactly the inside of your drawers and within two and a half weeks, they were at our house and fit PERFECTLY.

I was nervous about how they would fit since they are custom and all being done online, but they really did fit like a glove. I love looking into my drawers and not seeing clutter, but all of my things neatly displayed where I can easily grab what I need and put it back without disrupting anything.

shoes | earrings

Attention to detail is one of my favorite things about this closet. Jason backlit everything, making the accessory closet a real show stopper. When I walk into my accessory closet, I feel like I am shopping at a high end store. It’s like something out of a movie. I found these two Tibetan wool ottomans with a modern geometric base that add a cozy element while still looking chic.


nail head books | prayer beads (coming soon)

Decorating the island was a bit of a task. It is a huge space to work with, so after a fun trip to ReDo Home and Designs and the help of the girls there, I found some really unique pieces that were just perfect. I love the look of a simple vase with some greenery or a stack of books. I just added a lamp from HomeGoods, decorative mirror and cute jeweled storage boxes on my desk. I got a gold chair from CB2 that is still on its way, but will look so great up next to the desk when it arrives. I’ll be sure to show you all what it looks like when everything comes in!

tray | vases | mirror

The space is so beautiful that it really speaks for itself. I didn’t have to work very hard to decorate it because all of the detailed work on the cabinets + those beautiful Cambria countertops and killer lighting. The whole closet just makes a statement on its own.

vase | ceramic | wood bowl | faux leather books

When it all came together, one of the things that was so surprising and so amazing was that my chandeliers have these acrylic and gold pieces that hang down, and it perfectly matched the acrylic and brass hooks and hardware from Lux HoldUps all over the closet. So when the electrician was installing the chandeliers and the hardware was being installed at the same time, it was like MAGIC. It was definitely the icing on the cake!

pillows + throw | redo home + design


skirt | top | belt | hat (similar) | earrings

As you can imagine, I am so happy with my new closet. It truly is ALL THE THINGS and I feel so blessed. I love being in there all the time. A lot of people have told me that this is every girls dream, but I couldn’t have pulled it off without all of the amazingly talented people who partnered alongside of me. I never want it to seem like I am bragging about this experience. I know that I am blessed and I hope that anyone who has kept up with this process has been able to learn something and potentially apply something you liked from my life to yours. Thank you for coming along on this journey with me.



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February 28, 2018



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L O V E LO V E LO V E !!!! Beautiful Closet, we’ll dobe! Can you share the cabinet paint color please?

What is the Benjamin Moore color?

So incredibly gorgeous!!!!

Gorgeous!! Could you share where your full length mirror is from?

Can I come live in your closet? It’s amazing! Down to every detail, it’s perfect! Congrats!!

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