I have always been a fan of the more monochromatic look. White is just the go to for me. Whenever I am not sure what to wear with an outfit, I always grab something white. White on white is just a look that is hard to go wrong with. Gone are the days when wearing white was controlled by the time of year or the weather. Wear what makes you feel good! There are NO RULES to this thing and I always feel great when I am rocking an all white outfit.

hat | sweater tank | scarf | sunnies (eeeeeek.. coming soon) | necklace

When I am out and about and I see someone dressed in all white, I am always drawn to it. I just think it looks so sophisticated and chic. Ever since I found those UNICORN pair of white jeans, I can hardly take them off. I want to wear them everyday and it is not hard to do since they are white!

white denim | bracelet | fringe bracelet

Pairing a nude shoe with an all white outfit just fits so well. Adding a scarf and hat like the one I found from Sole Society  is a great way to take an outfit from something simple to stopping traffic. Go for it girl…..get your white on!

nude wedge | bag


March 27, 2018



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Its A~MMMMAZING! It’s like going to Landyn~Disney!!! You beautiful ladies have nailed-it! Thank you for all your love and hard work! Yeeee!!!!

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