I mentioned getting Lily to stop biting her fingernails a while back, and so many of you have reached out to me since then because you are having the same problems with your kids! Nail biting is a bad habit that can easily carry into adulthood if it isn’t stopped as a kid! I don’t want either of my kids to have a nervous nail biting tick. It isn’t worst thing in the world, but I DO want my kids to have healthy habits and nail biting is not only icky to watch, but not sanitary. So with Lily, I decided to nip it in the bud early!

When Lily was about six years old, I sat her down and explained how habits worked and that she just had a habit of putting her hands in her mouth. I believe that you can change any behavior in 14 days, so Lily and I made a calendar and set a prize for when she was able to go fourteen days without biting her nails. We started over the summer, so I was able to keep an eye on her and remind her not to bite if I saw her hands going toward her mouth. But I always reminded her in an encouraging way! I didnt want to nag her, but cheer her on toward the goal! She only slipped up one time on the third day, but after starting over once, she was determined to do it herself.

I took her on a mother/daughter date to get her nails done a few days into the challenge. We got manicures and like most girls, she loved having her nails done and wanted to keep them looking pretty for as long as possible. We also set up a reward system to help encourage her. If she went a few days without biting, I would take her to get ice cream or something like that.  After fourteen days of encouraging reminders and rewards, Lily had broken the habit and hasn’t had an issue with it since then! Now, she is almost 14 and takes amazing care of her nails. She will cut, paint and file them herself. I tried to teach her that your hands are one of the first things that people see and keeping your hands well maintained is a good habit to have.

No rocket science here, just what I did!


When I am traveling, I love a tote bag. For me, the bigger the better. I don’t know how it is in your family, but as a mom, I end up holding EVERYTHING for everyone. When the kids were younger it was diaper wipes, then random toys, and now its phones and jackets. I don’t mind being the pack mule of the family, as long as I have a huge bag to keep it all together!

I will carry a clutch out to dinner when I only need a few things, like my phone and ID. When I am on a place I like to keep a small makeup case with me that has my touch up makeup inside just incase they lose my bag.  But a lot of times when traveling, you can’t bring everything, so I like to bring a slouchy and good ol’ tote bag that I can throw under the airplane seat or over my shoulder at an amusement park. Lately, Sole Society has been my first stop when looking for a multipurpose tote. They are stylish, quality is great and the price is right. I like to make it stylish so that it can double as a purse when I get to where we’re going. Anytime I can use an item for multiple purposes, it is a win in my book.


wide brim hat

Growing up in south Florida, I did the whole Sun-In on my hair and baby oil on my skin routine. Of course I wouldn’t recommend that now, all that damage on my skin is showing up now that I am in my 40’s, I am sure some of you can relate! But for the past 10 years, I am all about sunscreen and protecting my face. I also love wearing hats in the summer! Not only do hats protect your skin, but it is also a great excuse not to do your hair. Whenever I see a girl in a hat when I am out and about, I always think to myself how cute does she look. Hats are a great way to incorporate a little style into your wardrobe. And even though for me it is an excuse not to do my hair, it comes off as though I’ve actually got my act together. If you have never incorporated hats into your wardrobe, summer is a great time to give it a try. Go try some on and see what you like! I am a huge fan of a fedora or woven wide brim hat. I like to stay neutral with the banding etc., that way it goes with multiple looks. Once you find a good one, I’m telling you, it’ll become your go-to!

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April 16, 2018



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