This is my favorite bar on top of my favorite hotel, so it is basically a match made in heaven. It is located in an area of town called The Gulch and has the absolute best view of the Nashville skyline you can find. It was designed by the NYC firm Parts and Labor, which is one of the best hospitality design firms in the country, so you are guaranteed to be wowed by the decor.

I am actually at the L.A. Jackson in all of these pictures, so as you can tell it is a spot not to be missed.  Both the Marsh, which is the resestaurant in the Thompson and the L.A. Jackson were developed by John Besh and the menus are great.  The L.A. Jackson has a small bar menu and awesome drinks.  You know I love my tequila and my spice, so I highly recommend their Hot ‘N Bothered cocktail.  If you can only go one place during your trip to Nashville, this is the place to go!

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May 22, 2018



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