I am either all in or all out when it comes to belts. I usually like to grab a thicker belt in a nude leather to bring in that waistline. Drawing the eye to the waistline can change a dress from looking like a tent, to a form flattering outfit. Now, a lot of outfits will come with a belt, but nine times out of 10, I get rid of the belt that comes with outfit. I’m not much for fabric tie belts, and I don’t like feeling confined to a certain look. You aren’t contractually obligated to keep an ensemble together just because it was sold together. If you find a dress you like that comes with a belt, that doesn’t mean you have to stick with that belt until the end of time!

I love the way a belt can add a little unexpected style to any look. There is that rule of having your belt match your shoes, BUT to me, in fashion there are no rules. I once had nude belt from J.Crew that I completely wore out. I’ve been on the hunt ever since for a belt that I just can’t live without in the same way. After two years of hunting, I recently found this one from Madewell that has taken its place.

I’m not much of an animal print person, but sometimes, a little cheetah can be fun and works as a neutral. I like thin little black belts with studs for night out to give a little edge. I also like to dress age appropriately, so rather than rocking a crop top or something sheer for a night out, an edgy belt is the way to go. I think every girl could use a neutral wrap belt, a thin black belt, something in animal print family (snakeskin would be fun!), and something with those little metal or studs for more of an edgy look And there ya go! You will have all the basics when you need them and the ability to play around and mix up your outfits. Because even if you are just rocking that best to hold your pants up, it can still be a pretty choice you feel good about every time you put it on.

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July 3, 2018



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Awesome Info! Now…lol…where does one find that amazing belt organizer>!>!

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