Originally, the building was an old bank that was converted into one of Nashvilles first luxury hotels. Noelle is a well balanced mix of art, adventure, history and Nashville all in one gorgeous building in the middle of the city. The interior is a twist on modern design with all vintage furniture and decoration based on the art-deco era. From the brass water fountain to the tile floor that points you in the direction off all the areas that Noelle offers, the whole hotel flows together without seeming repetitive. There is a lobby bar, a fantastic restaurant (Makeready Libations & Liberation), Drug Store Coffee that is street level, a retail store called the Keep Shop, a rooftop bar, and a print and portrait studio . There is even a secret speakeasy you can go to if you can find it….

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The rooms are minimalistic and white, all the way down to the bedding. There is a clear mid century modern feel to the furniture and design of the room. The color-tones are gray, shades of blush, peach, black and white. It truly is to die for. It is just my happy place. If you are traveling to Nashville, Noelle is a place you will love to explore as much as you will love Nashville, and that is what a good vacation should be if you ask me.

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I can’t stop saying it, everything is downright pretty AND the food is absolutely amazing. Lily and I went a little crazy and tried a bunch of different things. We are the fried shrimp sandwich, salmon with asparagus and potato puree, a charcuterie board and a few different cocktails. We also indulged in a chocolate peanut butter and an orangesicle parfait. My mouth is watering right now much thinking about it.


There aren’t a lot of decorations because of the detailed architecture that really speak for itself. The building has enough character to draw you in and make you keep looking. It is just one of those places where everywhere you turn, it is just so beautiful that it makes you happy!

Not only is Noelle a gorgeous space to visit for a cup of coffee or for a weekend getaway, but it was the perfect backdrop for my sunglasses launch party with Electric. Rare Bird is the rooftop bar and I think it probably has the best view of the city. Beautiful views, gorgeous furniture and the cocktails are perfection…I can’t think of one thing I would change to make this space any better. So stop in for a drink, dinner, a cup of coffee or for a place to stay, you will not want to leave. And once you do, you will be dying to go back.

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June 8, 2018



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And the signature candle / scent that permeates the whole hotel is wonderful! We celebrated my 50th birthday in Nashville and stayed at the Noelle. One of my top 10 trips of my life!

My best friend and I just stayed there and missed you and your husband at the rooftop bar by a day. We had a really wonderful stay and the hotel was perfect John the concierge is the best! Hilarious and had great recommendations. We loved it!

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