Last week I told you about a crazy idea I had, where I’ll pick a place, a budget, and a theme and go crazy! Well, not too crazy because the entire premise of this new video series is… you guessed it. Drumroll please…..B U D G E T!

So, first things first. I’ve been thinking long and hard about what to call this thing. After much deliberation and so many great recommendations from you guys on Instagram, I decided to call it, LANDYN’S LIMIT! There really were SO MANY great submissions. It was really hard to pick, but this just had a ring to it. Now, what about that theme song? Someone mentioned writing one. HA!

So here it is. The very first Landyn’s Limit! Watch as I circle around the maze that is Walmart to complete the perfect housewarming basket for my friends moving into a new home. Did I mention it was all under $50, wrapped up and all!

Side note: If you don’t mind spending a little more or sacrificing some of the fillers, a bottle of champagne or wine, a gift card to a local pizza place, or a gift card for a mani would make for a great added bonus! All great things to have when you’re moving into a new home, don’t you think?

Pro tip: Start with a theme + MAKE PRETTY CHOICES!!!



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August 13, 2018


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Oh my!! I LOVED this!!! Please please do more!!

This was so fun and it turned out so cute!! Please do more!! ❤️

Loved it! The video was so fun, raw, and you just being you! Bring it on! I’m sure your friend loved their gift.

Do more! I liked it and like that you shopped somewhere affordable, and easily available

Loved it! And the sound of the cart wheels in the video…I guess it isn’t shocking that your Walmart cart sounds just like my Walmart cart, but it still made me smile. And dang it when they get tangled up and won’t come apart. The struggle is real. Tee hee.

I found the same marble/wood spatulas about 2 months ago and instantly thought of you. I bought them all and love them! I just wish there were more.

Loved, loved, loved this video!!! Now I want to go to Walmart and I don’t usually have that feeling. LOL!! Great findings for the housewarming gift!!

Yes, loved it. Looking forward to more!!!

Fun series! Was the champagne in the $50 budget or was that added on?

Cannot wait to see more!! love it!!

This was so fun! More! More! = D

Loved the shopping at Walmart. It was slot of fun to watch. Please keep doing these.

This was so fun!! What a thoughtful gift!! You are awesome Landyn. Will you be my friend? 🤗

Geez now I feel like I have to go right now to Walmart! So fun to watch. Looking forward to your next "Landyn’s Limit Adventure".

Great idea! Keep em coming! ❤️

So fun to watch❤️ Keep it coming!

Thank you for keeping it real. I like and want all the pretty things, but raising kids, living life, and all the $ adds up fast. Nice to see what $50 can get you at Walmart and not having to run all over town to do it.

A few months back I bought that same rug in gray and cream for my bathroom.

You can even get good champagne and prosecco at WalMart!

You make it look so easy and effortless. You truly are talented and have such a good eye!

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