It’s Monday again friends, which means I’m coming to you from my bed with another amazing guest on today’s Hey Landyn. Everyone meet Lori Paranjape! She is one of my very dear friends + a talented interior designer here in Nashville + the one responsible for helping me design my dream closet. I just love everything about this lady and her story, and she was so kind to join us today to tell us a little about herself + answer some questions about interior design.

 We’ll be talking paint colors, must have design elements, decorating for the season, working with your husbands style, and some truth bombs when it come’s to the answers. We’re sharing all in the video below!

October 1, 2018



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Three parts Jacobean and one part ebony is beautiful as well.

My husband asked me the other day why i listened to you all the time? I told him that you are a girls girl. You encourage, you’re real, you give ideas, you help all of us on so many levels, from decor, clothing, make up, hair, recipes, and on and on…there’s this thing where you come up along side of all of us and let us know that you are cheering us on…that’s why we all love you. We need more of this in real life. Not as much competition and one upping each other, but genuine love and caring… Read more »

Thank you so much for the kind words! So sweet.

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