I found this really cute purse strap by Marc Jacobs to replace the one that the bag came with…guys…it was the easiest thing to do, and WOW did it make a difference! If you are having the same issue, and have a bag with D rings, all you gotta do is snap off the strap it comes with, add your own strap that fits your personal style, and there ya have it…a brand new bag!

I love a good crossbody, so when I am able to add character and fun to it, I love taking the chance. It adds a layer of sporty and unexpected fun to a plain ole bag. It is BRILLIANT… you can take any bag that is less expensive and make it look a million bucks by changing the strap. BOOM.

Another one that I LOVE and you saw me carrying in Atlanta for the HOF & Market is from Haist Designs and man, does she do a great job at staying in the neutral color scheme and all her bags are incredibly chic. This one is a bit shorter, but hey, if you are following NYC Fashion Editors (she is), everyone is wearing their crossbodies higher, and even fanny packs are coming back (who knew?)..so we may as well be with the times and have some fun and get on board! If not for the strap, you really need to check her out. So so good.





February 14, 2019



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brooke hansen

I need a cute and not dorky Fanny pack/ belt bag for travel

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