To me, vacation is taking a break from, life…blowing drying my hair, make up, all the things. When I pack,, I like to have a more minimalist mindset going in. I bring my key products that I know I love, and that is it. Crazy, I know…but less really is MORE!


You guys know how much I love my Intellishade Revision SPF 45 moisturizer…I wear that stuff on a daily basis no matter on vacay or not.It is the first thing to tag along with me..other than of course my hubby and kiddos…but it is not far behind! Gotta take care of that skin! I am a FL girl, so I will stay an entire day laying on the sandy beach, so with being in the sun, it is the best and has incredible coverage.

I have lash extensions, so no mascara for this girl, but before, I used the waterproof Better Than Sex mascara and really loved it. The ILIA tinted blush is a must have for the summer is creamy, so it has double use for my cheeks and lips which makes it all the better! Again, I like simple. If I want to add some shimmer to my look, the Tarte cream eyeshadow is perfect. The sun is already giving you that sunkist glow, so definitely take advantage and give your skin a break from all of that make up you usually wear.

I usually leave my hair dyer at home, unless I know that we are having a fancy night on the town, so I really like a great hair texture spray. It helps with my staple look during the summer, which is a wet bun, mascara, and use that natural bronze glow, and I am ready to head to town!

One of the best parts about vacation time is that natural tan that comes, so keeping my tan afterwards is a must. I LOVE the Jergen Body Glow. I mix it with my Aveeno body lotion, and it will layer on your natural tan and helps to keep a tan for a good while after I get home.


My go to, I will love forever perfume is Byredo Mojave Ghost. I wear it constantly, and never really stray away. Now, maybe it is the South FL girl in me that loves the smell of suntan lotion even when I am not at the beach, but when I want to switch it up a little, Bobby Brown Beach is where it’s at. It is a good mix of salt, beach air and suntan lotion, and who doesn’t love being reminded of those sandy beautiful summer days? I know I definitely do.

All in all, it is all about picking your favorite things that you use, and letting those few things be the ONLY things in your make up bag. No need for big heavy eye shadow or heavy foundation…let nature be your make up!


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February 20, 2019



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This all sounds wonderful! Great ideas and thoughts! Bring on the beach vacation! 😍🌞⛱

Love Bobbie Browns Beach! Been wearing it forever!

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