Well girls, you see Landy drinking her tea, and THAT soon becomes the number one question. So, what’s in my cup you ask? Nothing fancy really, just a little tea ritual I have on the road or at home. Even when I’m home my Starbucks order is “ Venti Iced Green Tea Unsweet”. Hey, I grew up with a very southern grandmother, so tea was like water when I was younger, and what I drink till this day, unsweet of course and lots of lemon. I love the time I give myself before bed with some chamomile tea or if I need a little pick me up during the day with an energy boosting option. In any case, there is always a type of tea that comes through for me.

With traveling so much, I have learned that bringing my tea time on the road with me is like bringing a little piece of home on the go. I am not sure if you are the same way, but my booty knows my potty and my potty alone…aka I need some assistance in that department. Smooth Move tea and my Nathome Portable Teapot are the absolute best combination for this.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I definitely do not shy away from a glass of wine (or two) after a long day, but with so much going on, it is nice to “wine” down not only with a good red, but with a perfect sleepy time tea that helps me to calm my thoughts, and get ready to take on the next day. Who knew tea could be so essential to my day, but let me tell you it has definitely become one of the best parts of my day.

What about you? Do you have any tea time rituals? Any good teas I need to try? I am all about trying new types, and would love suggestions to give myself options!


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February 8, 2019



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I absolutely love tea!! I love it so much that I look forward to it everyday! I usually have a hot chai tea after lunch and around 7:30-8pm I have a sleepy time tea. It’s not only delicious but it’s so comforting and a great way to wind down at the end of the day!😊

Love tea so much! My favorites are Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice and Tazo Zen. The cinnamon one is amazing- Perfect blend of cinnamon and spices. 💕


Yogi Stress Relief is my go-to at night. Also, Aveda tea has a nice licorice taste I like!


I too love teas and have a nightly peppermint or chamomile tea. Check out the Smith Teas website. Love their teas, discovered them while vacationing in Cannon Beach Oregon.


The Yogi Stress Relief Tea with Honey & Lavender is my go-to prebed tea. Zzzz. In the morning, Bigelow Plantation Mint is always a goodie.


Love tea and enjoy so many! Long time favorite is The Republic of Tea’s Ginger Peach. All of my longtime friends call it Carol’s tea! (you can buy it at Panera, and at your beloved World Market, and at many groceries now.) Yogi Teas are great (especially love the green antioxidant tea) and the quotes on each tea bag bring a smile. I have that Breville pot you featured above and it is the BEST! I have tried Harney’s, David’s Tea (fun flavors/mixes, but most contain some sort of sweetener, so be advised!) (oh, and fun accessories/mugs,etc) and Adagio teas.… Read more »


Celestial Seasonings Vanilla Sleepytime with some collagen peptides and a little of the Holiday spice flavor Calm magnesium powder. Yum! And it helps with the potty probs😉


Yes girl! I love that Calm magnesium powder so much!




Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Sunset – especially during the fall and winter! It is caffeinated, so maybe not a good bedtime option for most. But during the day…delish!


Natural Calm for me!


Yes girl…Calm is the best!




I too enjoy my evening ritual of tea time in bed! Some of my favorites are organic roibos tea (straight up) and Organic India Tulsi Sweet Rose. 💫💕

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