First thing I do is brush my teeth, everyone assk how I keep my teeth so white. Well this is the only tooth paste I use and I love it!

Cleansing comes next – I like to use either my Papaya Enzyme Cleanser or Brightening Facial Wash

Next, I’ll go in with my Koji Pads and then Retexturizing Daily Pads – This is truly what makes my skin glow and even. I use them everyday

After that, I’ll drop a few drops of the Sheer Peptide gel to prep my skin for the next set of moisturizers

Then I’ll go in with my cocktail of moisturizers – C+ Correcting Complex 30%, DEJ Eye Cream + DEJ Moisturizer 

Finally I’ll finish with my tinted moisturizer – Intellishade (my faithful companion for the past 9 years.)

** Also, I’ve been loving these glow drops during the summer – it adds an extra summer glow


First thing I like to do is use Ponds Wipes and start taking off the day.

For cleanser, I like using the Hydra Cleanse (and I love this for when I shave my face, yes you read that right !)

Then I’ve been OBSESSED with these hydra bronze pads – They do the best job at gradually building a beautiful glow.

You can leave your skin damp or use my favorite water mist to prep the skin for product. Then I apply DEJ Night face cream to get my retinol in. Dot around the face and blend down.

Then apply DEJ Eye Cream. I dot on my upper and lower lids. The whole DEJ line, I LOVE.

Don’t forget the Nectifirm and Body Firm.

If I do have a blemish popping up I love to use this blem stick– it’s amazing, magic overnight.

I’m obsessed with my new La Neige Lip Sleeping Mask!

Once a week I do a skin detox using my Black Mask and these

Of course, I always take my Oxy Powder pills before bed. Never trust a toot!


Use code LANDYNKH for 10% off on Landyn’s Favorites – Hydra Foamy Cleanser, Koji Pads, Blem Stick, Sheer Peptide Gel, Hydra Bronze Pads, Retexturizing Pads


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June 8, 2021

2021 Skincare Routine


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Wendy Schierman

What shaver do you use?

Kaitlyn King

I would love to know where the beige headband is from that Landyn wore in her stories in Cleveland before washing her face. Thanks!

Stephanie Lanham

What razors do you like to shave your face with?


Are you still taking Spirolonactone?


Deleted my question. Wow.

Tisa Mantle

What services do you do at the dermatologist? I forgot to write it down when you did a story on it.

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