There’s nothing quite like going on a camping trip with your best friends and your kids. As a mom, I always love to create lasting memories with my friends and kids while enjoying some relaxation in nature. Our recent camping trip to Floating Mill Park was so recharging and fun, made even better by some amazing camping essentials we brought along. Let me share with you the three essentials that elevated our camping experience: a portable camping fold-up table, battery-operated lanterns, and backcountry camping chairs. Xoxo, Landyn

Portable Fold-Up Table:

When it comes to camping with kids, a sturdy and versatile table is a game-changer. Not only did it provide a space to prep meals & smores, but it also was used by the kids for games and other activities. Its lightweight design made it easy to transport to and from the site. I love this table, and will definitely be using it again for future camping trips.

Camping Chairs:

Camping often involves lots of hikes & exploration, and after a day full of adventure, having comfortable seats is a must. These camping chairs are SO comfortable, and have more of a “lazyboy” feel to them.  Whether we were gathered around the campfire or taking a break from exploration, these chairs were both kid and mom approved. They were easy to set up and put away, and let us enjoy nature in comfort. I love these ones from Backcountry.


Battery Operated Lanterns:

As the sun began to set, the battery-operated lanterns provided the perfect amount of light for around the campsite without being too overbearing. Oftentimes, lanterns can be an eyesore when turned on but these created a cozy ambiance. The convenience of battery-powered lanterns eliminated any worries about running out of fuel, and they lasted throughout our camping trip. We loved these lanterns from Duracell.



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May 23, 2023

3 Camping Items You Can’t Forget


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