Can we talk about the struggle of figuring out what to wear for our kids’ senior pictures? It’s a whole adventure in itself. Last year, when it was Lily’s turn, we went through countless outfit options. But you know what? Sometimes, simplicity is key. We decided to keep it classic and opted for a beautiful white dress for her pictures. Let me tell you, she looked absolutely stunning! The white dress brought out her natural beauty and made for timeless photos. Another great option we chose was having Lily wear a t-shirt from the college she had chosen to attend. So she rocked a University of Michigan t-shirt, and it added a personal touch to the pictures. My advice to all you moms out there: keep it simple, choose something that reflects your child’s personality or future plans, and let their true beauty shine through those pictures. Trust me, you won’t regret it! A big thanks to Mary Craven who photographed these photos – if you’re in Nashville she is a must hire.


Lily and I together and linked some white dress that we loved! Our favorites below.


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May 16, 2023

Style Guide: What to Wear for Senior Pictures


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