So, I'm just being lazy and laying on the couch after a long football Sunday, and my friend
Lori, tags me in a post by @brittanymakes on Instagram. {Before I go any further, go follow Lori on Instagram- @mrsparanjape Her style is AHMAZE + humor on point and she's one of my favorite Nashville friends} So, I click on my notifications and jump over to Brittany's post, only to see the most beautiful GOLD kitchen accessories. OH. M. GEEE. People. They were made for me! They were SO good, I *almost* got in my car and drove to Target just to hold them. I need them, but couldn't get off the couch. THANK GOD for online shopping. With a little searching, they were in my cart. I'll save you the time + trouble. All their gold goodness is below and a few others I may or may not have put in my cart. I say you snag these, because I have a feeling these babies will be gone in a hot second. 

Don't you think cooking with these will be so much more magical? Ha!