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The season of being invited to multiple parties and spring festivities has begun. Sure, you could walk in with a bottle of wine or a candle, but that has been done time and time again. I like to bring something that is unique and will stand out a little more, even though most people would never turn down a bottle of wine. I want to bring something that the hostess will actually be able to use! There is nothing worse that getting a bunch of coasters you'll never do anything with. 

The most important part about getting a hostess gift together is really thinking about who invited you and what would she love. It could be something as simple as some nail polish and a gift certificate to get her nails done. 


I love the idea of a dinner in a basket. Having a theme is always a good idea and will help you throw something together easily. I will get a cute basket or tray, a pretty bag of pasta, some vine ripe tomatoes and a fresh basil plant. Even adding a pretty oven mitt and a tea towel can really be a cute surprise gift that also serves a purpose. 


Another thing I love is cutting boards. I see myself as somewhat of a cutting board collector. So building a hostess gift that sits on a cute cutting board is always adorable to me. Getting a fresh baguette, wrapping it in a tea towel and tying it up with some bakers twine is so simple but very pretty. You could even throw in some jelly or make your own compound herb butter to go with it. What a great gift with a homemade touch, and they will be able to use the cutting board again and again. 


If you know the hostess likes to drink tea, I think this gift is so cute and fun. I will take an oversized tea cup (or coffee/tea mug) and plant a couple herbs in there, I usually like to go with mint. I will stick a gold spoon in there and tie a little note in it that says something like "take time for you!". Adding a pretty box of tea with it is just the perfect gift this spring season. Think outside the candle and bottle of wine! 




With all the craziness of Easter, do you really have the time to make your own mashed potatoes? If you do, I am extremely impressed with you! I hate getting overwhelmed with cooking on a holiday and I learned a trick years ago that has been a game changer for me. Here is my secret, I get a few packs of Bob Evans mashed potatoes and pop them into a pretty dish. I swear you can't tell the difference! I add a few chunks of butter, wrap it tightly in tin foil and heat them up. NO ONE WILL KNOW! If you wanted to get a little crazy, you can add some fresh herbs to the top, but I am here to tell you that there are exactly like the real thing and it will make your life so much easier. 



Obviously kids are all around during Easter. Who doesn't love watching their kids run through the yard looking for eggs in adorable Sunday clothes? But keeping the kids tame during the meal can be a bit of a challenge. Last Easter, I teamed up with Fashionable Hostess and talked about some great ways to decorate a kids Easter table. Although I love the more neutral colors for the adult table, I can't deny brighter colors for the kids! I like to have little games or activities on the table to keep the little ones at bay during the meal if I can. Another great way to get the kids involved is to have an area set up for cookie or cupcake decorating. You know they are going to make a mess with dessert anyway, why not make it a fun activity! 

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