With spring finally here, FINALLY being the key word…it is time to spring clean and give your outdoor space a little refresh!

One of my favorite places to hang out when the weather gets nice is our patio or even out by the pool. The weather is getting better and better, and you just want to be outside all day, everyday. You’re grabbing a cocktail, firing up that grill, days are warm, and night are crisp. When doing all that, what are you going to prop your feet up on or sprawl out in? Does your outdoor furniture look worn? Or do you just want to do some sprucing? If you’re like me and love to host outdoor parties, sometimes adding some new throw pillows, a splash of color or a few new pieces will do it!

It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment with a nice little patio or you have a big backyard, there are so many great finds this patio season. Come on, let me show you!



Target is KILLING the outdoor patio game right now. I walked in the other day, and couldn’t leave the outdoor Patio section. I mean the boho chic vibes are out of this world. Kinda wishing I needed new patio stuff. Maybe a rug? Those don’t have the longest life expectancy, given your weather.

World Market is a favorite of mine as well. I redid my outdoor space last year with theirs and it has held up so well. I still of course always looking for a few yearly add ins, but overall, World Market is definitely great for quality and beautiful additions to any spot in your home.




Outdoor rugs are great, and definitely add a little flare to any area. Whether it be a neutral, woven or maybe even a good pattern. A rug brings the entire look together and anchors your little grouping quite nicely. Like I said above, I hate to break the bank here. Knowing the weather, you’ll be lucky to get a few seasons out of it. Unless you’ll be rolling it up every time it rains. And I always tell myself to bring it in come fall, but have failed miserable the last two years. It just goes from crisp fall evenings to cold and rainy (possibly snowy where you live) literally over night and you forget. Or at least I do. Hello, mold + mildew come April.



I truly believe that one can never have too many pillows. Steve may disagree with me, because sitting on the furniture can be tricky, but I think a good pillow or two can add a whole new look to any space. Outdoor spaces are no different. It’s like bringing the indoors out. You really want to create a space that is inviting and just begs to be lived in.

outdoor decor

This is the part where I can get into trouble, but I mean, cute string lights and a darling side table get me every time. These dang store are just so good at launching a new collection and fresh look every season. Once you get the main pieces, adding accessories is the FUN part. Because outdoor furniture can sometimes be an investment, it’s great to add decor that won’t break the bank!


Some of you may have a green thumb, and some of you much more prefer the faux greenery, cause remembering to water plants is NOT YOUR THING (been there, don’t that…still do that), but I definitely think that greenery adds a great touch to an outdoor space and helps to still make it feel like fresh. If you are good with plants, adding some chic containers will complete your look!



As many of you saw this weekend I was spring cleaning! I made the mistake of NOT bringing in my furniture again this year. I must not remember pain. Ha! Because I spent days doing it last year and apparently didn’t learn my lesson. One thing I definitely needed to do was get all that mildew off my patio furniture and cushions. In years past I used Scotts Outdoor Cleaner and it was great, but did require quite a bit of elbow grease. But this year Mr. was in town and he suggested a new product he loves.

It’s called Spray & Forget Revolutionary House & Deck Cleaner. This stuff was a GREAT…I think. It requires 1-3 days to see results. I mean when I can spray it on and leave it, then go clean other areas and even make dinner…I am here for it. Now, I will say I did get on a roll with my new pressure cleaner, that I just started cleaning the cushions too. Never even really gave it a chance… talk about impatient. I do however think it really helped to lift the stains. It’s just so satisfying to watch it come off right before your very eyes. So, does it really work? Not 100% sure, but the messages from you guys were overwhelming. PEOPLE SWEAR BY IT.

I definitely look forward to the days where the sun is out, the grill is hot and the family is all hanging around the pool way into sunset. There is nothing better, and nothing that screams summer more to me. I think like anything else, your decor determines how you feel in the space, and no matter if that is outside or in, the feeling is important. Have fun with it, bring in a few new pieces, and a new pillow never hurt no one!