When it comes to a theme I always like to think about the person in the way we connect or something that they really love. Then I think of my color scheme and try to stay monochromatic within that. Oxana and I have always shared a love for numbers in astrology psychic readings etc. so when I saw this darling cloud stuffed animal at Magpies, I connected with it immediately. And then started playing off the colors & found other onesies and cute pieces that had clouds, stars, lightning bolts or anything like that on it.  I wanted to fill up the HomeGoods basket a little fuller so I hit up Carter’s to see if they had any thing related to my theme and that a cute hooded towel and a few onesies. Added a cute journal type book and neutral wooden stackable toy!


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September 9, 2022

Baby Basket for Oxana | 2022

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