Belinda you guys…we never stop laughing and I have to say she is my biggest champion. Her closet is literally a LWL styled closet, and I love it so much. I mean no joke, we will be twinning on this family trip.

While she may get a lot of her clothes from some LWL Swipe Ups, I get it ALL from Belinda. She taught me how to bargain shop and how to find the perfect pieces at Marshalls or Home Goods. What you see with me is all thanks to her!

Belinda is a Vici loving lady as you have seen, and let me tell you she even finds things before I do…and don’t worry she also uses her LWL25 promo code for 25% off! Like I said, we all love a good bargain! Lovestitch has some of our favorite pieces for summer, like those AWESOME overalls that you guys were insane about, she has a pair or two. If you still want to get a pair (not the black ones), they have some restocked and you can still use Landyn15! .

She loves a good purse…it can be a bag, travel, clutch, or crossbody…she has it covered! She loves a good find at Francesca’s or Target, which is where she got that cute round black crossbody, and then of course Sole Society for a good Weekender bag. She knows her stuff, I will tell ya that!

Those are just a few things, and I am sharing all of the fun stuff we found last night in her closet, and for the other pieces, trust me, I will hunt her down and try to get her receipts to see where she got them and let you know ASAP!


March 18, 2019



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I have all of these. I am getting in sooo much trouble following you because I want ALL the things💗💗💗💗

Haha I love that you have them all! Gotta get summer ready!



Weekly Belinda please!!

We definitely may have to with everyone’s requests ha! I love how much you all love her, she really is the best!



Belinda made me do it 🙈 don’t tell my husband!!

Your secret is safe with me and Belinda! Trust me, I have her to blame for all my shopping secrets, and I love her for it 😉 ha!




I can’t get any links to work on your website 😔

Hey girl! What links are you struggling with?!

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