Have you ever looked at the amount of time you spend on your phone? Guys, I am on my computer and phone up to 8 hours a day…that is INSANE.

I noticed over the summer that my eyes didn’t feel great after a long day of constant technology…they felt strained and I had such a hard time winding down to go to bed, so I I decided to invest in some blue blocking glasses, and they have made ALL the difference!

If you haven’t heard of blue blocking glasses, they are pretty genius. We are surrounded by blue light from the sun on a daily basis, which is not bad, and our eyes adjust for it. It actually helps you stay awake during the day, who knew? However, since technology has taken over everyone’s lives, the blue light has become more substantial, and is causing more and more eye issues. Have you ever looked too long at your phone and notice that you have a headache or your eyes feel strained? You have a case of too much blue light!

I think it is so smart nowadays since we are always looking at a screen, whether it be your phone, computer, or TV screen to block out some portion of it if you can. Again, not all is bad, but enough of it will cause you to feel tired, strained, and just blah.

Now, if you are thinking to yourself, what on earth do these look like? I’m not wearing those over sized red glasses. I hear you! I got you covered! There are cute ones that you will want to wear even when you aren’t on your computers or phones…and yes I am guilty of it! Here are some I am loving…and I HIGHLY suggest everyone gets a pair because we are all on screen overload.



February 15, 2019



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which ones are you wearing??

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Can you wear these while wearing your prescribed contacts?

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