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Guys, let’s talk about romance! You all know how crazy I am about my hubby, but do you know how I stay that way? A big part of that is regular date nights. Don’t get me wrong, I love hanging out as a family and doing stuff with the kids, but I need alone time with my sweetie on the regular!

Even after twenty-seven years of dating, I still get butterflies when I see Steve. So, trust me, don’t let that new love feeling wear off. Keep doing the things you did back when he was your boyfriend. It hasn’t always been easy, and yes, we have fallen into ruts at times, but making a conscience effort daily is what it takes to keep our spark alive. In my marriage rules, dating is number one on the list!

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So today, with the sponsored help of Nordstrom, I wanted to share some of my favorite date nights and some tips for keeping it fresh, fun, and flirty when you’re out on the town or even just grabbing a quick coffee together (Sometimes you take what you can get, right? I remember the days Steve and I would call grocery shopping without kids A DATE!)

I love the classics when it comes to date night. Meeting up with Steve for a romantic dinner or cocktails at a cool new bar is always fun. But, let’s face it, dinners out every week can get pricey fast. The truth is that dates don’t need to cost a lot. The goal isn’t to spend money, it’s to continue to fall more in love with your sweetheart. That’s one of my favorite things about warm weather—there’re so many fun and inexpensive things to do outside!

Steve and I love to grab ice cream and go for a walk around a cute neighborhood or hit up a local art fair or some hip, new food trucks. When the kids are at weekend sports practices or with their friends, we love to sneak away for brunch or a quick lunch—just the two of us—before an afternoon of family time.

We try not to talk about the kids too much on our dates, but instead focus on our goals and dreams and make plans together as a couple. Like asking each other, “What do you think the future will look like?”, “Is there a new hobby you’d like to try?”, “Place you want to visit?”. And we love to reminisce about all the fun stuff we’ve done together over the years. There’s nothing better than poking fun at our past and thinking about how much we (and our hairstyles!) have changed and how we’ve grown together as a couple.

Nashville has amazing outdoor concerts and movie nights all summer long—and lots of them are free! I like to pack a cooler with yummy sandwiches or a charcuterie plate and a great bottle of wine for a picnic dinner. And don’t forget a cozy blanket, you can lay back in your guy’s arms and snuggle up under the stars to listen to some live music.

We’ve also done cooking classes—dinner and entertainment all rolled into one! And, really, who doesn’t enjoy seeing their hubby in an apron whipping up something delicious? Although, I get to see that almost every day since Steve is basically my live-in chef—did you see the latest gadget he bought for the kitchen? We’ve also gone to new workout classes together and then done a celebratory lap around the Whole Foods hot bar. Ha! Trying new things is always a great way to connect, create new memories, and laugh ourselves silly. I mean, have you seen me box?

No matter what we’re doing for our date, I always treat it like a real date—just like I used to when we were young and newly in love. Because he’s the chips to my guacamole—see what I did there? Treat yourself to a blow-out, put on fresh makeup, and pick an outfit that you know he will love and that you feel good in. Steve likes to look good for me too, so I make sure his closet has plenty of great options too. Nordstrom is my go-to spot to find great looks plus the little details that bring any outfit together like cute clutches and killer shoes. We’re both wearing Nordstrom from head to toe in these pics—including those adorable heart sunnies! Don’t you just love?

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Steve loves to surprise me with last-minute plans, so this mama loves that I can order the perfect look for even the most unexpected dates online at and then run into my local Nordstrom and pick up my order in under ten minutes. Heck, they’ll even bring it to your car if you join The Nordy Club. Hello, new moms! No need to even wake up the little ones asleep in the back—it just doesn’t get any easier than that.

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect outfit to make any date with the hubs feel like our first date—summery sundresses, flirty tops, and skirts that I feel pretty in—and I can always find just what I’m looking for at Nordstrom. Don’t forget ladies, Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale,  starts TODAY and I plan to stock up on ALL THE THINGS I’ll need for summer nights out! Check out some of my favorite picks below before the sale ends on 6/2!














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May 22, 2019



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The links for your collage didn’t go through! 🙁


Am I missing wear the cute colorful skirt is from you are wearing with the heart sunnies?!

Gail Vannaman

Hi Landyn! I’m trying to click on the links in your Nordy’s Top 10 as well as a few others and they don’t appear to be working :-(. It could just be on my end but I know you recently had a website redesign so just thought I’d throw it out there just in case there was something amiss! Love ya girlie!!!!



Trying to find #7 on Nordstrom list! White sleeveless sweater top…Does not seem to be hyperlinked?


The link for the tag items 1-14 don’t exist ?

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