Okay guys, we are staying true to the ‘we’re talking about what everyone is thinking, but maybe too afraid to ask’ theme of this season.


In this episode, I’m bringing on my friend and gynecologist, Dr. Kristina Storck. 


As always, you guys SHOWED UP when it came to the questions to ask her. Because honestly – we are all going through the same thing as we age, but there’s no guidebook to tell us what to expect! So, I figured I’d bring on Dr. Storck to clear some things up for us. I don’t know about you, but I know I’ve looked down a time or two and thought, ‘what the heck is happening down there.


We’re here to take the taboo out of this topic, and we are chatting about: 


  • All things pregnancy (including solutions on not tearing, ladies)
  • Birth control options and the pro + cons + effects of each
  • Anything you could want to know about our favorite word: Menopause
  • How often you REALLY need exams
  • Overall female heath (like how to keep ‘your girl’ her cleanest)


I know some of things can feel like sensitive topics – or maybe even a little embarrassing. But this is the exact reason I knew Dr. Storck was the perfect one to speak to these things. Because not only is she an expert, she’s also just a girl’s girl – just like us.


She grew up in Bellingham, Washington, completed her obstetrics and gynecology residency at Vanderbilt, and has been practicing in Nashville ever since. The thing about Dr. Storck that is so special is how much she cares for her patients. She truly takes her time to listen and figure out the best solution for you. 


Now, I should caveat, this is all conversational in nature – so you should always seek the guidance of your personal physician. But I just KNOW this episode will help you feel a little more control of your body + what to expect.  


If you’re curious about which birth control is right for you, how to know when you’re entering menopause, or what to do with those pesky periods – this episode is here to be your guidebook to all things women’s health. Because if we’re all going through it, we might as well understand it.  


For more information on Dr. Storck, visit her website:

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August 22, 2022

Dr Storck: All Things Gynecology, Birth Control, Pregnancy + Menopause


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