A little bit ago, my girlfriends and I decided that we were going to take our kids on a camping trip for Earth Day! Since they all have little kids, I told Luke he was in charge of being the camp counseling – He taught them how to make a fire and everything. It was the cutest. Annnnd let’s just say some of our fellow Mama’s weren’t big campers, we almost had to pull teeth to get everyone to come hahaha BUT I am saying all of that because were SIMPLIFIED the whole trip and I wanted to share with you!

Karly ended up finding a great spot a little over an hour away – Floating Mill Park (here’s the state park link). And talk about a god wink, she booked spots #73 – #76,. which were both of Steve’s numbers in football – crazy right?!  IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. We all couldn’t stop talking about how pretty it was there. She also gifted everyone an awesome tote bag, life straw (HUGE HIT) and this lantern (which was also AMAZING)

It can be so easy to get outdoors, rent a camp site + make easy meals (I’ll post our meals/grocery list below). We did just that! We did not want there to be any hassle, just a lot of FUN. which it was ! And as you can imagine I may have went a little overboard on fun activities for the littles. I couldn’t help myself!




Camp Pie Irons with Chips

(basically the equivalent of a hot pot)

Variations: Ham + Cheese, Pizza + Pepperoni’s, Grilled Cheese, Roast Beef + Cheese


Class Hotdogs Over an Open Fire with Potato Salad


Pancakes, Bacon, Sausage Links + Eggs



Of course no camping trip is complete without SMORE’S. I decided that I wanted to create an actual s’more kit! It turned out to be way easier than I thought – I got these boxes, twine + gift tags to complete the look. Wrapped it up and tagged each of them with their name. It was so fun passing them out in the evening and no one had to fight over extra marshmallows 😉


We decided to go the EASY route when it came to campfire treats – I snagged these plain vanilla cupcakes at Publix and then topped them off with these sprinkles (they even had mini marshmallows in them) Then I snagged toothpicks and decorated the ends with marshmallows and stuck them in the top. They turned out so cute – and delicious!


For the grand finale, it was Karly’s birthday! I ordered this cake kit (added some extra animals) and then placed a cake order at Publix. I asked for a simple chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, then decorated it myself – I felt like the candles in the campfire was the perfect touch.  What a joy it was to celebrate her with everyone, we were partners in crime making sure this trip came to life!



Camping + Grocery List Download



Oh you know we had to go the extra mile when it came to putting together a few activities for the kids + mama’s. I gathered all the ribbon, twine, tags + faux greenery to wrap up all the goods to make it extra pretty. We’re all about making pretty choices over here ladies, even when we’re camping 😉


Of course you can’t go camping without a water bottle! I snagged these green water bottles for the kids – and each of them included a green bandana. I also got them each a sticker sheet to decorate their bottle – it was a hit! Then I couldn’t forget the moms, I gifted each of them a classic stainless steel cup for all the coffee + wine.


BUG HABITAT ACTIVITY – I thought it would be so fun for all the kiddos to create their own little bug habitat. I bought these glass jars and punched holes on the top of the lid. We sent them in to the “wild” and it was fun watching them collect rocks, dirt and create their own little ecosystem. Then they got to show it off to everyone! Of course everyone was returned back to their actual habitat before we headed home.


And for one of the last activities, we had these scavenger hunt printouts ! I purchased these cool wood pencils and they were a perfect addition to marking off each item.


Camping Scavenger Hunt Download




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April 24, 2023

Earth Day Camping Trip 2023


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Hi Landyn! I love all of this! Would you mind sharing your PDFs of the kids activities so that we can download them and use them? ❤️ from Maine! 🦞

Reply to  Andrea

Yes! Just added these in for you!

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