Hi Friends!

Guess what?! It is time for my favorite type of episode – Question & Answer!

You asked, I answered! Today we are talking all things hair and skin (and nails, and lashes) – all things beauty really!

Literally, hair and skin are the most asked questions that I get from you in my DMs, email, comments, all the things.

SO. I’m going to cover:

I really do love you guys and love answering what is top of mind for you! I can’t wait for our next Q&A together!

Love you. Mean it.



How do you get your hair to look so good ! With the beachy wave look ? Which wand do you use? – Maggie in Tallahassee, FL
Check out my beach wave hair tutorial here.



Tell me everything I needo to know about dry shampoo? I just don’t get it? Why why and why? Please explain the fad. – Taylor in Lafayette, LA

 Tell me about botox. 42 here and tired of sporting the 11 between my eyes. – Carrie in Austin, Tx
My Nashville Botox Doctor – Dr. Brian Biesman
I’m looking for a longer lasting natural deodorant. Any suggestions? – Ann from Knoxville, TN

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July 27, 2021

Ep 008: Beauty Q+A Hair, Skin, Nails


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