She’s BACK – Karee Hays, the skin extraordinaire is back on the podcast. She is the SKIN QUEEN in Nashville and the number one person I trusts with my face. Not only is she a skin guru, she is one of my dearest friends and I soak up every minute I have with her – she’s pure gold. Today we’e covering teenage acne, shaving your face (YES you read that right) and even what to do with that dreadful maskne that we’re all getting.

Plus Karee has graciously given a promo code for her products- use code LWLPOD15 for 15% off everything at 

This episode also includes:

  • The Opus laser treatment that I’ve has been getting 
  • What to do with your mask-ne and how to treat it
  • Moving from your summer routine to fall routine
  • Chemical peels + getting that perfect skin glow
  • The newest issue with everyones skin – maskne
  • Taking time + taking care of yourself

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October 5, 2020

EP. 40 Karee Hays – Fighting Maskne, Shaving Your Face + Creating that Glowing Skin


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This is so much fun!! DUKES!!

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