Happy Monday! Today, I am sitting down with my long time lash artist Suzanne Corey of City Lash Beauty in Nashville. I  have been seeing Suzanne for almost FIVE YEARS – that’s right and over the years we’ve fostered a deep friendship. We nearly know everything about each other and we have seen each other grow over the years. Today, Suzanne talks about her upbringing, her journey to opening up City Lash and busts a few lash myths you might believe. Suzanne and I also speak to taking steps side by side together when building each of their businesses. 

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This episode also includes: 

  • Becoming a military spouse and raising a family
  • Her families move to the south 
  • How she went from being a journalism teacher to opening up her own lash salon 
  • Starting beauty school at the age of 35 and learning the art of lashes
  • Following through with What If moments


How do I find the a good lash artist?

  • Go on Instagram and hashtag  – (example #atlantalashes)
  • Scroll through the hashtag and find 2 places where the lashes look good
  • Then go on their website and look at their work – make sure they’re certified (LE mean certified)
  • Beware of cheaper lashes, beware of someone who can do a full set of lashes in one hour (it should take at least 2 hours)

What is a lash lift + lint? Brow lamination?

  • Every 6 -8 weeks
  • We put a solution on your lash, it’s quick process and your lashes are curled – If you have straight lashes, it’s awesome! Kind of like a perm for your lashes
  • We tint lashes to make them darker – last about 2 months
  • Brow lamination makes your brows straight that way you can brush them where they become more full, sculpted – lasts about 2 months

If I wear contacts will this affect lash? 

  • Nope! You’re all good!
  • If you’re a lash wearing girl, make sure to tell your artist that you don’t want them super long

What kind of lashes do I do? 

  • We use volume on you, with smaller fans. I use a CC Curl – no longer than 11’s or 12’s

How do I was my lashes or keep them clean? 

  • There are good lash washes on the market and I suggest to wash them after you sweat hard, wear heavy makeup. 2- 3 times a week?

Are there things you can’t do when you have lashes? 

  • The only thing you can’t do is rub your eyes, but there are things that affect the longevity of your lashes.
  • You can still swim, workout, swim in the ocean, sweat, etc.

Should I take a break from lashes?

  • No, a break isn’t going to do anything for you because there is no damage going on.

Does it hurt?

No it doesn’t. The only reason it would hurt is if they are too close to your lash line.

Can you still wear mascara?

You shouldn’t need to at all, but I do have some people that do. If you remove mascara just use an oil free lash remover.


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October 26, 2020

EP. 43 Following Your Passion, Building a Business + All Things Lashes


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Ellie Throop

Amazing podcast Suzanne and Landyn! Very honest and informative!

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