HAPPY FRIDAY! Today, I’m walking you through on of my MOST asked questions – Tell us about your family! I am basically introducing you to  my entire family tree, every single one of my siblings (yes I have siblings – 5 to be exact!) I am also talking  about our families journey starting in Florida then moving to New York and then to Virginia. Plus what life was like being raised by a single mom and trying to make ends meet – I LOVE YOU Belinda – you’re the best mom a girl could as for! This episode if filled with all the family ties you need to know about!  

This episode also includes: 

  • The best thing my mom did during my parents divorce
  • What it was like having a newborn sister at 21
  • An update on what my parents are up to in retirement 
  • My grandparents who have been together since they were teenagers 
  • My mom’s Fiddle Leaf Fig Farm
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November 6, 2020

Ep 45. Meet My Family Tree!


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