YOU GUYS. Our best girl, Anne Claire, is PREGNANT.

You may have seen her announcement on Instagram (her only post to break her social media hiatus!) — but even before she posted this, she SURPRISED me and spilled the news on the mic!

I thought we were just sitting down to have another one of our typical recordings around a specific topic, but little did I know that she had gotten together with our producer, Elizabeth, ahead of time and had a little something different planned! We wanted to have this moment captured to be able to fully cherish. And boy did we.

I was quite literally in SHOCK — and I am SO glad you are able to experience this moment with us. It was SO special. We scream, we laugh, we cry — and you’re invited to the whole thing.

Anne Claire was only about 7.5 weeks pregnant at the time we recorded this, so we did wait a bit before releasing this episode so ensure she was comfortable with the timeline of a more public announcement. She gave us the green light, and was excited to share the news with you.

Aside from our excitement and shock around the pregnancy news, Anne Claire and I chat about:

  • Her chemical pregnancy she experienced prior to carrying this pregnancy
  • My personal journey to getting pregnant just a year into marriage (+ the difference between each child!)
  • How things have changed since I was pregnant vs now!

And while we are over the MOON for Anne Claire, we do also want to acknowledge those who are still trying and waiting for their little miracles. There are SO many emotions around pregnancy, and so those of you still in the waiting phase, we are here for you, ladies.

Thank you so much for being on this journey with us. I know you love Anne Claire as much as I do, and I can’t wait to shower her with ALL the gifts. But let’s be serious, I’ve been buying her something pretty much every day since the news! I can’t help myself!!

I hope you enjoy this episode. Prepare your ears at the beginning, there’s a little bit of screaming from excitement.




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September 19, 2022

Episode 82. Anne Claire Is Pregnant!!


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