FALL BREAK CLOTHING ✨ We are headed back to the beach for our annual fall break trip and I am so excited to spend time with the family – PLUS Lily joining our trip too. My mama heart could bust. Yesterday I shared a few stories on what I packed in my suit case + I decided to put everything here below for you! Here’s to warm weather + family time.



This time last year, I got a message from the designer herself, Jessica @reshelledjewelry  she has a really beautiful collection of jewelry – from earrings to necklaces and it’s all made by her. In our back & forth I asked if she’d be willing to share discount code for you all and she said absolutely! She was even so generous and gave YOU a code: LANDYN15 for 15% everything on her site! And…. on her own good will, she went and named this necklace after me 😭😭😭😭so sweet and i’m always blown away by this community. Go support this sweet girl! 




October 13, 2022

Fall Break Beach Clothing | 2022


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Jen McCune

Thank you! What about that little ball short necklace you have on with green shirt dress? You linked it days ago but I can’t locate it now. 🙂

Lindsay Melcher

Can you link the white cover up from stories last night?

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