I got these tall containers from Home Depot and this plant will be going inside. It’s called Lantana. – they have it in many different colors. I decided to go with the color white – It’s drought tolerant loves the heat, and is a true winner!



these go outside on my upper patio on either side of the double doors leading into our living room. The container is also from Home Depot and I will plant these around the border at the base of the pot. The Mandevilla tree is super fun and gives some height and I love the different textures that will be spilling over around the base of the container


Asparagus Fern



Giant White Mandevilla

Mandevilla Tree

As you know, lavender/purple is my new favorite color. So this year, I decided to add a little pop of color around the chicken coop. I felt like the girls would appreciate it and it’ll bring a smile to my face on the daily, but I just don’t think I could handle purple everywhere. The thought here was to mix a few different shades, heights, and textures of purple to these pots. I love the modern look against the classic coop design and the contrast with the black and white.


Scaevola Aemula

Tri Color Sage

Purple Heart Setcreasea Purpurea

Scopia Gulliver Blue


Behind my favorite row of peonies (I’ve been adding to them last couple of years) I needed some height and fullness. Plus, I lost a few boxwoods due to our hard winter. I am popping out the dead boxwood and putting in three cream colored butterfly bushes. I had so many of these when we lived in Seattle many years ago and I loved the size shape, plus they attract so many butterflies. Hence the name. These will be a great addition and a beautiful backdrop to the peonies.

I also popped a few White African daisies in front as a little nod & beautiful reminder of our trip last summer.


African Daisy

Buzz Ivy Butterfly

I’m sure we all have an area in our yard where we just can’t get anything to grow. Well, I didn’t have much luck last year so I’m gonna try again. I mixed in a few perennials and annuals. Hoping they stick around, since last year was such a hard winter in Nashville, unfortunately we lost quite a bit of landscape.

I’m excited about this little combo and especially this woodworm. It’s the softest little green carpet and it is supposed to make a great ground cover and really fill in the space.


Gomphrena Ping Pong White

Angelonia Serena White


Wormwood Silver Mound

I try to add some height to these half pots each year. This year I went with a white bird of paradise, which is a great plant during the summer months and then filled in around with some different texture and flowers. I love the that spilling over the edge effect that this gives.

I’m sure by now you can see quite a bit of consistency. I like to use some of the same flowers in different areas so everything is super cohesive and of course, staying with my tried and true color, palette… white and green. I know I know, but when you get to my age, you like what you like.


Trailing Vinca


White Bird of Paradise

The purple in the picture is the same in this round pot species wise it’s just comes in white as well. It’s the smaller white flower in the other are wave petunias in white. Mix with this already planted succulent container for around the pool.

When we designed the pool eight years ago, I found these really cool circular concrete pots and during the building process we were able to add irrigation up through the bottom. That was a total game changer! I highly recommend doing this if you’re doing any sort of construction in your backyard –it’s a lifesaver! I found this already made succulent container that I’m simply going to pop out of that pot into these and then put some wave petunias and becopia around the edges to give a spilling affect.


Scopia Gulliver

Succulent Mix: Coreopsis, Crocosmia, Penniestum


When we bought the house, the previous owner left these beautiful concrete aged urns going down the steps. It was the only thing in the backyard that existed. We then added the pool, hard scape, etc. but I couldn’t their part with them. They’re so beautifully patinaed from over the years.

Every year at Home Depot I try to scoop up these already put together containers. It’s a white bird of paradise, or some sort of elephant, ear tropical with white Mandevilla around the edges. It’s so easy to pop them out and put them right into these earns. Unfortunately, this year I was late to the game and only was able to score one. So I had to re-create the other on my own. I bought 4 small Mandevilla and 1 bird of paradise. I know it will catch up soon enough, but for the meantime, it will definitely be lopsided. Once again, I shot myself in the foot and gave away all my secrets and you girls beat me to it but I don’t blame you. It’s a great combo!


Bird of Paradise


Last year I took a chance on some planters at HomeGoods and let’s just say they weren’t winter/weather rated. They were pretty while they lasted, but they started falling apart. I picked up these plastic black more modern pots to replace them. Inside I’m going to put a combination of the other flowers I have around the yard.


Asparagus Fern

Supertunia Vista Snowdrift





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May 10, 2023

Flowers I’m Planting in My Yard This Year | 2023


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