Can I get a 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 for the weekend?! I’m watching this Coronavirus thing unfold like the rest of you. I’m just here hoping to add a little escape from the big bad world as we take things day by day. So…here a few favorites right now!

Note that the snakeskin top is part of my big Express try on this week. I have a series of Instagram stories saved to my IG highlights and the blog post with all of my picks is here. Awesome mix + match ideas! I hope you caught my tie dye sweatshirt roundup too. I’m HERE FOR IT!

Stay safe and be well!




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March 13, 2020

FRIDAY FIVE | The Delicious Dish + Steve Madden Sneakers + Fanny Pack


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I bought the Steve Madden sneakers and love them! When they arrived the silver part in the black was so bright…so, I took some sandpaper and rubbed it out a bit. Now they are perfect!

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