Ok, before I start this, I would like to say, I am the farthest thing from a gardening expert. I LOVE planting, like I loooove it. It’s my therapy.

I get spring fever when the sun comes out and starts to be around 70 degrees, but then I know that the next week it will be 40 and rainy…aka I need self control when it comes too laying down mulch and plants. I actually learned with my time in MN that Mother’s Day marks the perfect time to get all your plants and potting ready, and yes I learned the very sad day when I got burned and lost all my money with all my dead plants.

If you have been watching my weekend adventures, you know that I have been full fledged gardening for the past couple of weekends, and I am loving it. Anyone else enjoying that sunshine coming through??

Like I said, I am not perfect at keeping it up to date during the winter months, and after looking out at our very sad gardening area, I decided it was about time we bring it back to life. I mean, I can only look at dead leaves and dirt for so long, am I right?



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Of course, I don’t like to stray away from my favorite color palette, which is green and white. I like to choose neutrals (really shocking. I know)…Maybe it’s my all white house and dark dark green shutters, but there is something about a white/green combo that is such a clean look, I just can’t stay away…so all in all, I don’t think you will ever see me planting purple flowers, but I guess never say never.

I think a good clean pallet of colors makes a garden look beautiful and clean…or as clean as an outdoor area can look…An older Southern lady I met at the flower shop when I first moved to Nashville said it best…”oh honey, I really love white flowers..there is nothing like a white flowers that really stand out on a summer night” so no matter the time of day, you can appreciate them and it has really stuck with me since.

Now, there is not as much variety with white flowers. You can get an array of pinks and oranges, but if you are like me and don’t like color, you gotta get creative. I usually like to go with the variety above, especially in the climate we live in, I have to make sure I get things that can take the Nashville sun and heat. I mostly have full sun around our house, except my back porch, so I have to get creative with my choices for those areas since most don’t flower without sun. A few options that are okay with the shade, such as an elephant ear, so I like to take advantage and use those on my side porch. On my front porch, I love a good fern.


When I go to the plant store, I like to make sure I pay attention to height and spacing. When they are in little pots, you have to visualize past that. You have to think 3 weeks from that time, what will they be like? I am the lady in the corner, laying out each pot and what will go where or figuring out how or what to fill in what pot. Yes, I am such a visual person that I am literally on the ground and people have to go around me, and yes I am very ok with it. Gotta do whatcha gotta do.

I also like a very tailored clean look, so I like incorporating tropical like an elephant ear, and they are great with taking the heat and sun. I have some big pots around my pool, so I always have to be wise about what I choose there. I need it to stand the test of time and the occasional chlorine water being splashed in…#kids.

Little planters tip: be sure not to overstuff your pot. Things will grow and expand and tail over, but it is easier to plant and get what you want, and think about the size growing as you move forward. Get a good pair of gloves, cute pot, and plant away!


The Hi-Yield Growers Special: this particular product does not go in your pots, but I use this on my trees and shrubs. I literally walk around with the bag and a big cup, and it is amazing! I do it about twice a year, and my yard is REAL green and so pretty! Shoutout to the guy at the plant store that told me about it, because this stuff is perfect. For potting, a good Miracle Grow would be great, just make sure to have fresh potting soil to get good nutrients to the plants.

Blower: I AM OBSESSED. All I will say about this.

Plant Trimmer: this is how I trim my bushes and even them out.

Preen: I put this down before I mulch, and it helps to prevent weeds and is super safe for your plants!

For me, getting out in the yard and getting dirt on my hands, is therapy. It is probably one of my favorite things to do. I know many like to hire people to get the job done, which is all good, we all have our things, but I love it so much. I have even pushed it on my kids as family time. As you guys saw we have family mulch day, and they honestly don’t roll their eyes too much at it, so that is definitely a win…or I think so at least.

I mean, mulch day, mowing the lawn, planting the pots, but all the smells, all the colors, it just screams summer and I love it so much.


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April 16, 2019



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Jessica Funderburk

What compost bin do you use? (The rotating one) and do you still love it?


Yes, we love it! Here it is! https://shopstyle.it/l/bl48E

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