I’m still not fully over Anne Claire telling me she was pregnant – WHILE WE WERE RECORDING. Missed that episode? Be sure to listen HERE.

You guys cried along with me. And if you didn’t see the post on Instagram that captured the SECOND I found out, you should watch that HERE, too.

Well, since we are all cheering our girl on — and now that Anne Claire is 22 weeks pregnant (she was only 7 when we initially recorded) – we wanted to keep you guys up to date! So AC and I hopped on the mic to answer some of your MOST asked questions.

We are coverings things like: 

  • How she is feeling (is she still as sick as she was those first 9 weeks?!)
  • The way she found out she was having a girl! 
  • Anne Claire’s experience with her midwife, maternity clothes + registry

Honestly, put those airpods in because it’s time for a girl catch up, ya know?

A bunch of you asked any books or resources were her current go-to’s, so here ya:

You always chimed in with recommendations for Strollers + Baby Seats:

Pippa White Infant Carseat

Vista V2 stroller

Doona Car Seat + Stroller

(those yellow wheels! ha!)


Here’s the Hatch alarm clock (which I also have and LOVE) that she’ll be using to not wake her husband or baby when feeding:



We also went on a kick about food, so if you’re craving a bagel or something sweet – we got you covered:

THE BEST Bagels in Nashville, Proper Bagel


Half Baked Harvest Chocolate Pop Tart


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September 26, 2022

Let’s Catch Up: Anne Claire’s Pregnancy Update + Answering YOUR Questions


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Link to the pregnancy pillow Anne Claire talked about?!


Hi! Could you please link the light bulbs you talked about? I searched the show notes but couldn’t find it. Thanks!


Link to your favorite light bulb you mentioned from Target?


Can you link the light bulbs please! I am on the hunt

Courtney Costa

But what about the lightbulbs?! I’m in the target isle now 🤪


Link to lightbulb for softer lamp lighting?


Would y’all be able to share the maternity blue jeans that Anne Claire is loving?


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