It’s only fitting that we kick off Live With Landyn, with one of my very best friends, Nicolle Galyon, or you may know her as @nicatnitemusic. Whether you like country music or not, you’re in for a real treat. Nicolle is currently in Kansas with her sweet family right now, during this unexpected quarantine. She talked about how her family is going to be eating elk the next few weeks – have you ever tried Elk? We also talked about how we each created a schedule for our family to keep us on track. We first met at a titans and game, but long story short – we meet in a church parking lot during a boot camp- connected instantly, we quickly realized that we saw life in the same way.

 We then revealed the biggest surprise, Nicolle and Lori McKenna wrote a theme song for me, called ALL THE THINGS – and let me tell you, it was tears from the first listen. And NOW it will be the theme song for the podcast and I can’t wait for all you to hear!


A few questions you all asked:

What was it like writing with Kelsea Ballerini?

A dream. I’ve known her for 5 years and written with her a little, but we really connected over the past year. The days we were put in rooms together to write, we were really vulnerable with each other. This record, meant a lot to me because it was such an honor getting in someones heart and mind. I was honored she trusted me enough to share that stuff. 

How is Songs + Daughters?

Songs + Daughters is a publishing company, or a house of creativity or sisterhood. A place where I can use what I have been given to lift other people up and show their talents. It’s really fun now to be a label partner/ publisher partner. We are a joint venture with Big Loud and their team has been so generous and incredible to me during this whole process.

What else do you have coming up?

I can’t say too much out loud – I just signed my first writer to Songs + Daughters. stay tuned for a proper announcement when all this is over.

What’s your favorite wine?

I’ll start out with either a rosè or pinot grigio. Let’s just say my new routine, burpee wine, burpee wine repeat.

How did you write Boy by Lee Brice?

well… I got knocked up (haha) I was pregnant with our son and it was my last scheduled write before he was due. I was ready to have him and not in the headspcare to write. My co-writer, Jon Nite who also had a son, said “why don’t we just write about your son?”  This song was completely organic and emotional, we felt our way through it and next thing you know we had a song. We knew we had something powerful when we finished that day and I’ve sung that song to Ford so many times that he knows that it’s his song. 

What does the song writing process look like? 

It could be as fast as a month to as long as 10 years. Speaking of girls songs,  Female, was a song I wrote with Shane M.. We did a demo one day and 3 weeks later Keith Urban recorded it and performed it on the CMA’s. Speaking of time, I had someone recently cut a song of mine that I wrote before I even had kids, That’s the great thing about songs, they can age well. 


what Nicolle has been up to:

Cosmic YOGA for KIDS on Youtube 8:30 AM 

SHED Group Fitness

Inner Light Yoga

Gradient Puzzle

Listen to all the songs Nicolle has written HERE – we can all jam out in the kitchen together !


A few of my favorite quotes from the live:

Your Instagram is Now Your New Resume

Our home is our whole world right now

You can’t compare my right now to your right now

Let’s find the beauty in being still

Right now is the gift of time

You don’t get to pick when that kind of lightning strikes 






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March 23, 2020

Live With Landyn: Nicolle Galyon


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Working on a schedule/routines for the family during this time. Any advice on constructing that (resources, programs, how you think it through, etc). Would you mind sharing a basic one of yours for ideas for us?


I cannot see a link to the live video, please share as love Nicolle

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