GIRL. 2020 has officially BEGUN. Again, I cannot begin to express my gratitude for how you girls have inspired me in 2019, and even over the past few years. It’s INSANE. And we’re girlfriends right? I would love for you, as my girl, to help me with a little bit of feed back – just like you’d tell your girlfriend she should wear the black dress instead of the zebra print one. We have each others back! PLUS, as a treat to YOU. When you complete the form, you will be entered in a giveaway- I am selecting 10 of YOU for a surprise package, curated by me. Let’s be official best friends, let me slide on into your inbox! Sign up here.

EXCITING things are coming for 2020 and I can’t wait for you to be along for the ride.



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January 9, 2020

Living With Landyn 2020 Survey


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Kimberly Sheppard

Trying to fill out survey…second page requires an answer per row, but not more than one per column for blog subjects I enjoy, cannot progress past that point – there are more rows than columns, and it is a required field. Can you advise how to answer so we can move to the next page?

Team Living With Landyn

It’s all fixed if you’d like to try again!


I was trying to do the survey but the What blog topics are you most interested in? * question doesn’t let you select the same response more than once and there are more categories (home, recipes etc) than levels interest. It won’t let me move on with the survey because of this.

Team Living With Landyn
Reply to  Megan

The issue is fixed if you’d like to try again! Thank you!


I am having a hard time with the survey. The question where you rate interests on blog post so only one answer per column. So it will not let you answer that question because there are more questions than columns.

Team Living With Landyn
Reply to  Lynn

Fixed and ready to hear your thoughts!

Caitlyn Combs

LOVE YOU. mean it mean it mean it. My friends and I love you. I love your hacks. Gimme all the hacks. I love your try-ons and styling tips- you have no idea how much these have helped me! I LOVE your recipes. These are always a hit no matter what! I also just love when you sit down and talk with us. It’s refreshing at the end of the day when I get to hear what’s going on in your day and around you, I feel like we’re girlfriends just talking on the phone. I love that! All this… Read more »

Maintaining balance is ALL THE THINGS! I have 7 kids 1 son in law 1 daughter in law and amazing hubs of 31 years. You are a good reminder in so many areas food, friends, marriage, makeup, school projects, shoppings and faith keep it up. Love to see your clean out and organization skills 🙌🏻 And home goods and Marshall hauls are inspiring full of ideas 💡

Becky Robbins

Hey Landyn! I’ve been following you for about 2 years now and your instastories are always first to queue on my Instagram and I’m always here for it! As a mom of two little ones, I especially love your mom hacks and easy go-to recipes. If I had to choose, I’d love to see more of that and your day to day life! But honestly I love all your content. Health and fitness are also favorite posts of mine! Also, I’m a few hours from KC and if you ever came I would definitely clear my schedule and be there… Read more »

Hallie Mcnew
Reply to  Becky Robbins

Agree about the hacks!!!

Landyn! I don’t even remember how I found you but I’ve been following since you taught me all about dermablading my face. You’ve become my daily sunshine and encouragement when I need that extra push. I run a television production company with a long and successful track record of producing lifestyle programming. Is this type of TV ever something you’ve considered or would be interested in? I think people would get as much as I do if not more.

Tuesdee Gies

Would love to see more of your home decor or Belinda’s home decor. Decor is my passion. Hoping to open a store this year too!


As a teacher, we need a spokesperson as you! Can this become a big platform of yours? Can you keep going with this support?! Perhaps this can be another project? (A thought… trump is a big first responder supporter, how about if u become a educator supporter? We could use the morale boost

Shania Koerber

Love watching your life everyday! I’m would love to see home hack! Ways to decorate without breaking the budget. Also, meal ideas!


Can u start EVERYDAY with a “let’s workout!” greeting? Your enthusiasm is such a gift to us all!


I can’t get past page 2 … keeps telling me I’m choosing more than 1 answer per column even though I’m not?????

Team Living With Landyn
Reply to  Chrissy


Kait crank

Love you


I love try on’s, meals, decor….. what would be really nice is that you share where us California girls can find decor and clothes from your store. We love “all the things” but can’t have them here unless you share.

Courtney Muench

Parenting mom life. I have a 16 year old daughter and a 13 year old son, its a new parenting Phase for sure! Would love to hear any advice or things that are helpful. Thank you so much 😊 ♥️

Terri Henry

Love watching you, Landyn!❤️

Morgan Moore

Just love you being you. The REAL stuff is what I love to see. The raw truth of being ALL THE THINGS!

Denise Obrien

I’m trying to complete survey but it is getting stuck on page two on the survey question about level of interest I’m only picking one per line. Will try again later!

Team Living With Landyn
Reply to  Denise Obrien

All fixed! Would love to hear your thoughts!

Leslie Cochrane

Keep doing all the wonderful things you are doing. I love all the content


I love, love, love everything that you do – your style, the love for your family, seriously, all the things! The only problem is, I can’t afford all the material things so I was wondering if you could do some nice, reasonable cost clothes, jewelry, decorations, shoes? Please and thank you. Have a wonderful day!


It keeps telling me not to select more than 1 answer per column and I didn’t but can’t proceed. It’s the question about which topics you are interested in home, recipes etc

Team Living With Landyn
Reply to  Jodi

Thanks Jodi! All fixed now.

Allison Verkhovoy

Would love more Healthy recipes and your typical workouts, more on parenting tips/tricks ( you seem to have a great relationship with your kiddos), more on how you manage to fit everything into one day. You seem to be a great mom, great friend, great wife and a savvy businesswoman and do it all looking so effortless. It’s truly inspiring!
Keep up the great work girl!

Vicky Erickson

I would love to see Target hauls or just going to Target and picking out things that would be good entryway decor or decor to add something a little extra to a space. Also ways that you stay organized while having busy kids! Where do you keep all of their sports gear organized, how do you store school work you want to keep as memorabilia. How to stay organized in a small space. How about redecorating an office area. In the spring would love to see gardening and landscape ideas! Redecorating on a budget! How to keep your kids from… Read more »


Here is the thing, I send a lot of time on the car and busy with kids. While I am driving, cleaning. I can listen to your live feed or TV and be involved. I DO not have time to read extra except for my book a month reading.

So…that’s why I like the live stuff. My girlfriend and I sure Marco Polo app bc we can talk and listen to each other later and it’s hands free

Would like to see entertaining tips love those. Target/wayfair/homegoods/nordy finds
Love the behind the scenes for things you are organizing.
I would love to collaborate on a across america followers night of raising money for a certain cause. That would be so awesome. Everyone interested organizing a get together with friends and a common goal.


Step by step Instagram cooking stories! It feels like we’re in the kitchen cooking right beside you! Anyone can post a recipe online but I love watching you come up with the coolest recipes in real time!

Stacie Grelier

I love everything about your lifestyle brand. Every girl loves fashion, but my favorite thing is all things interior design/hospitality. One thing I have thought about with you is, well first, my name is Stacie and I am a 52 year old wife and mom. You remind me so much of myself ten years ago. And as you go on this journey, I think it would be interesting to do a round table with women of all ages, and let the older women impart wisdom for what is to come in the next decade and how you can get ahead… Read more »

Lori Donaldson

I love all things shopping and styling tips!


Daily life, cooking on stories, tips and life hacks! Love you Landy!

Yvonne McCoin

I would love to see more of your ideas on fashion and what’s new! Also I ❤️ following you daily, on dinners, errands and designs for the home, big & small.

Keri Milovich

Let’s see some of my favorite things to know are clothing and home finds. I could really use helpful time management tips. Some fun family time ideas. How to deal with my daughter who is super emotion(13year old)😑 I love to hear about great pod casts. Easy recipes are always great. I’m tired of my usual meals. Packing hacks for traveling. I’m also on the hunt for a great bedroom pain color. I just love following you! You make me smile everyday! Thanks for keeping it real!

Kimberly Ciaccia

Love you girl!

Donna taylor

I would love to win a surprise package! This year has not started out the best for my daughter or myself, I would love to share the box with my daughter and bring a smile to the most sweet, caring and loving daughter I could have ever been blessed with. We laugh, we cry, we worry and lament…. but every day we love 💛

Sheri Rieth

I’d love to see how you put high end and low end fashion items together.
I’d also love more on your favorite home decor and furniture items and where to shop them.
I’d REALLY love your store to have a buy online option. I live in Michigan but love your store every time you show it!

lisa leggieri

loooove your page


First of all, let me say… are amazing. Inspiring. Beautiful inside and out. And all my “real” friends joke about my friend Landyn. That how I refer to you. As my friend!🥰 But you don’t open my messages on Instagram and see my responses! And it makes me sad. Okay, that’s all! Love you FRIEND! Happy Friday! Love you and AC and your sweet fam + Jack!

I want to see more home decorating. I also want to see more trips to places like Homegoods and World Market with suggested items to purchase. Also, more try-on clothes.

Donna Maggard

Try one’s, home decor, recipe’s, more on how to look younger, and fitness

Jeanne strange

I would love for you to get back working on your book… but generally, I love anything and every thing you talk about 😉😉


Do a live show in Nashville. That’s what really sucks for the ones that live close by. I’m coming to you store soon!

Crystal Cathey

Hey Landyn! It’s Crystal Cathey! I found you years ago on my daughters Instagram because I didn’t have an account at that time. Haha! I’ve been following you for 4-5 ish years, when you barely had a following and fell in love with you! You really taught me how to cook! I love Home Goods, Marshall’s and TJ Maxx and you loved them too! You were just real and talked about everyday real life things and I loved that about you! I’ve been to your VIP in Atlanta, we jumped on the bed together after talkings in Atlanta, I was… Read more »

Kelly Sagrera

I love the fashion and just the regular home decor with alittle bit of family life sprinkled in but I really appreciate the fashion the how to’s the what nots
I love it all keep doing you . And maybe to just meet you once will be amazing .


I would love to see more of your home- decorating etc.


It doesn’t matter, everything you share is so amazing!!!!!

Dana Jubran

Miss the shopping excursions through Homegoods, TJ, other retailers.
Love stories on tablescapes, entertaining. Would love to see home decor remix – use what you have and add few items to create a new look.


Survey was easy to navigate! Now all I need is a Landyn takes over Canada 🇨🇦

Jennifer White

Would love for you AND Mary Jo to do a GNO Show!

Kayla Wood

I don’t love tik tok. Nor do I even really know how to use/watch it so I’m really glad you haven’t moved over to that medium. I’m afraid I would miss stuff u post if u did!


Hi’ is the survey working?!? Lots of ❤️ from SoCal

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