In a perfect world, we would all have Nordstrom Cards (what a dream right?) But since I am in ATL, I stayed up wait too late on Nordstrom window shopping for all the anniversary sale picks. I know some of you have cards, so I wanted to save you some time and show you what you have. to. have. from the sale. Don’t get me started on the lightning bolt sweater or even that leopard pj set. I die.

But don’t worry, next week, during all access, I’ll be giving you everything from best items under $100 and I’ll even get Steve to share his men’s picks. Shop away ladies!

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July 12, 2019

Nordstrom Private Access Pre-Sale Looks


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I noticed you didn’t post as many things for the anniversary sale as last year. I went to the Nordstrom web site & it seems like the sale was bigger last year with better deals. I did manage to find a few things. Thanks for posting your favorite things from the sale. Happy belated birthday! By the way you have the same birthday as my son ❤️ Mine is the 18th & I’ll be turning 40!

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