Yesterday, I visited Karee Hays office and tried out this new laser treatment called Slyfrim that Karee had been mentioning to me – Let’s just say, it’s only been about 24 hours but WOW – I am sold. You can watch all of this unfold here. Plus, the KH ladies did such an incredible job answering some of your top questions – I’ll link them below. Don’t worry, I have a few more treatments of of this and I’ll be sure to take you along!

If you have any questions, please feel reach out to the ladies at Karee Hays, they are AMAZING and so thorough with everything they do. Couldn’t recommend them enough.



How does Sylfirm compare to Halo?
Halo is a hybrid fractional laser while Sylfirm is not a laser. It is a fractionated microneedling device combined with radio frequency/heat. Sylfirm creates a controlled injury to help stimulate collagen production
Good for texture? 
Sylfirm is a great treatment to help with texture and tone of the skin. It will help minimize fine lines and pores
How many treatments do you recommend?
We recommend doing Sylfirm in a series of three for best results
Where can I get this done?
Karee Hays esthetics – located in Nashville,TN. You will need a consult before treatment to make sure you are an eligible candidate!
Is it extra to treat the neck?
In the treatment we include the neck and face
Does it help with acne scarring? 
Yes, the Sylfirm is a great procedure to help with acne scars, fine lines, tech neck, loose skin, and pore size reduction.
I don’t get Botox or fillers and have some lines. Would this improve those at all? 
Sylfirm is great treatment to try pre toxin/filler as it could potentially soften some of the fine lines; delaying the need for Botox and filler
How long is an appointment? 
Appointment time is 2 hours. We apply a topical anesthetic to the treatment area for a full 1 hour and the treatment itself takes 1 hour
Would this take the place of a face or neck lift? 
This treatment is not going to replace someone getting surgery by any means but it can help with the laxity of the skin which could allow someone to prolong the surgery if that’s what they were looking for.
How is this different to Morpheus 8? 
Morpheus is an older technology and is not a motorized delivery. It’s essentially a forced action so it works very fast but shoots the needles directly into tissue. Significantly more downtime because of this. Which can result in increased bleeding, bruising, and swelling. The needles for Morpheus are insulated which means they create more damage to the surrounding tissue.  Most patients cannot withstand the pain that comes with it. Sylfirm uses non-insulated needles which help reduce bleeding, and increases tolerance as well as speeding up healing. Sylfirm is also the first and only dual wave radiofrequency device which allows us to treat multiple skin conditions, including rosacea and melasma.
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March 24, 2022



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