Okay, you guys LOVED last week’s episode with Lori Gottlieb all about mental health (refresher: author of Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, podcast host, and psychotherapist!).


So, to keep this mental health ball rolling, Anne Claire and I sat down on the mic to chat about our personal experiences with therapy and a peek into our mental health journeys.


I know you love the Anne Claire episodes – it feels just like we are all chatting in the same room doesn’t it?!


Well, in this episode, we are talking about:


  • The benefits of couple’s therapy that you haven’t thought of before
  • How I communicate to Lily’s therapist since she’s a minor (I’m trying to strike that balance of privacy and involvement)
  • Four ways to overcome chronic people pleasing (more on this below!)
  • Why wearing a badge of burnout is a thing of the past
  • Anne Claire’s best tip to deepen your friendships!


And you know we weren’t going to get through a mental health episode without chatting about one of the hardest decisions of last year: Shutting down the storefront. Anne Claire and I both got surprisingly emotional during this part!


If you’re anything like me, or at least the me 5 years ago, people pleasing may be part of your DNA. Well, Anne Claire and I are breaking down some things we do to keep our boundaries in check at all times! Here’s a summary:


Four Ways to Stop People Pleasing

  1. Speak slowly before responding and reacting when someone asks you to do something – rather than defaulting with an immediate ‘yes’
  2. Say ‘no’ without having to feel the need to give a reason why
  3. Evaluate who it is that is asking and what their place in your life looks like
  4. Think through the ripple effect of what this ‘yes’ means


I hope you guys enjoy this episode as much as we did. 


And if you have any questions – be sure to send me a DM on Instagram! I’d love to chat further.




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July 18, 2022

‘We Are Therapy Girls,’ 4 Ways to Stay True To Yourself + Finding Adult Friendships with Anne Claire


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