Fall Front Porch Decorations black bench with white mums and gray, white and green pumpkins

I am happy to share all of my fall front porch decorations with you today. I have given you a ton of sneak peeks over on Instagram and through my Insta-stories while shopping for all these goodies, but today I am doing the full reveal of all my porch decorations. This post is going to be super picture heavy, but hang with me and hopefully it will be worth it! I don’t know about you, but I love all the details and tend to get camera HaPpY.

 Fall Front Porch White Mums
 Fall Front Porch Decorations, white mums in black planters with white, gray and green pumpkins

 Gray, Green and White Pumpkins

I started my decorating with an overall color scheme that I wanted to achieve. I like to decorate seasonally for the fall, as opposed to decorating for a specific holiday like Halloween or Thanksgiving. For one, it is less work because once I create my fall porch in September I don’t have to think about it again until it is time for Christmas decorations to go up.  Also, I like to keep my decorations simple + clean and sophisticated. I’m not a huge fan of overly thematic decorations. I know, shocker. And I hate to break it to you, but there are definitely NO INFLATABLES in my yard. Funny enough, a few years back my husband thought it would be hilarious. I laughed for a second, and then deflated it, with a knife. Kidding. My kids may be in therapy one day for not having blow-up filled holidays, but hey….. better that than for something else. Right?

 Fall Front Porch Decorations with green, gray and white pumpkins

For this years front porch and everyone before this, I went with a white + gray and green as my color scheme.  So neutral and classic. You really can’t go wrong with this color scheme. I know this is going to be a surprise to no one, but I’m not a huge fan of orange and that includes pumpkins (ok, maybe a peachy colored one), so I went with something a little different. I also like to keep all of my flowers white, so I purchased white mums and left the yellow, orange, and magenta ones behind at the Farmer’s Market or produce stands. Oh, you’d probably like to know my go-to’s in Nashville. I love Simon’s Produce + Flying Ghost Pumpkin Stand . They never disappoint and the kids will have fun there too!

 White and Gray pumpkins from above
 Fall Mailbox Decorations

You know that I can not leave well enough alone, so stopping the decor at my front porch wasn’t an option. I like to have something pretty and festive at every entrance for all my guest, including the mail carrier and UPS guy. So, I went ahead and decorated the mailbox area, the back porch, and our breezeway on the side of the house. You know…go big or go home.  I love, love, love how the pumpkin topiaries turned out by the back doors. Basically I just plopped down an all white pumpkin stack on top of my summer foliage. Easy peasy. It’s all about repurposing and using what you’ve got. Plus, this time of year everything from summer is on it’s way out and turning yellow + brown… which is perfect.

 Fall Porch Decorations White Pumpkin Topiary

Also, just as a side note, if you guys remember my Chic Mexican Fiesta post from last week, I went with a gold + white and green color scheme for my party.  Because my porch decorations were kept neutral, they provided the perfect backdrop for the event and didn’t clash with the look I was trying to achieve for the party. If you remember one thing from me, it is to always keep it neutral and simple. That way it goes with everything, no matter the occasion.

Happy Fall!

 White mums, white pumpkins, and asparagus fern in galvanized tub

 Fall Porch Decorations close up of white pumpkin in white mums
 Fall Porch Decorations on Breezeway White pumpkin stack on wooden crates
 Fall Mailbox Deocrations

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October 19, 2016



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I would LOVE to add that necklace to my Christmas list!! Where can I get one?!

Melisa Williams

Would LOVE to have the necklace in time for Christmas.

Kelly Brown

Where do you get your Christmas decorations from? Will you do a Christmas decor post?

Where did you get your black topiary vases from the first picture? Love them.

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