Well, I’m home now. Relaxed + tan + happy, after spending the past 5 days with my kiddos on one of the dreamiest beaches on earth. Our happy place! I got so many messages and questions about where I was, so let’s start there this week.



The WATERCOLOR INN. We have been coming here for the past 5 Octobers and it’s our slice of heaven. It was the kids Fall Break, and if you ask me the BEST time to be at the beach. It’s still warm (85 degrees/68 a night), not crowded and the rates on rooms are down. It’s perfect. The sand is WHITE, the water is 4 shades of BLUE and the sunsets are BREATHTAKING. There are many lodging options on property, from renting a darling beach cottage/home to condos, and of course the Inn itself. They have 6 pools + kids camps + kayak rental + many restaurants and DARLING shopping. Seaside is the next quaint town over, and just a bike ride away and is just so precious. Did you ever see the movie with Jim Carrey, The Truman Show? They filmed it here. Remember how picture perfect the town of ‘Seahaven’ was in the movie? SAME. So cute. You’ll find a mom + pop grocery store, mini post office and a row of airstream trailers to nosh at. I could go on and on……. If you’re looking for a dreamy little vacay spot, take my advice THIS IS IT!

 Seaside, Fl Seaside, Fl  Watercolor Watercolor  Great Southern Great Southern  Raw + Juicy Raw + Juicy  Duckies Duckies  Willow + Woods Willow + Woods  MY PEOPLE  MY PEOPLE


I will NEVER be without Biokleen BAC-OUT. I mean never. I first discovered it when our yellow lab, Jack was a puppy. It worked wonders on all those potty training accidents. What I love the best is the way it completely removes not only the stain, but the odor. He never once went back to the same spot. It seemed to good to be true, but no no my friends, it’s the real deal. Great on blood stains + cleaning your washing machine + red wine + vomit. Cloth diapers too I hear, thank god I’m not changing those anymore. Ha! It has a great lime/citrusy scent. No diluting necessary. It’s something to definitely keep under your sink. Where to buy? Well, that’s the tricky part. I first bought it at Whole Foods, and then went back for more and they didn’t have it anymore. I just save myself the trouble of running all over town looking and Amazon it. Here’s a link if you’d like. I also recommend buying you own squirt bottle. I ordered the spray bottle of it once and it LEAKED something terrible. I’m pretty certain you’ll be a believer.


 photo/lindseygracephotography photo/lindseygracephotography

First of all THANK YOU for saying that. Your smile is very important and I use mine 100x’s a day. Second of all, this is no Colgate ad and Crest is not paying me. Ha! I will say, I do LOVE brushing my teeth. Actually too much I’m told by my dentist, Dr. Fesmire + Dr. Jon Lucas, which I see every 6 mo. (No, I’m not fancy and have two dentist. Dr. Lucas is my Orthodontist- I started my Invisalign case with Dr. Jean Merry in Mn. and finished my case with him here in Nashville. AWESOME results by the way. Do it.) I do get a little too carried away and a few of my gums have started receding. Gulp. I need to ease up on the scrubbing, but I just love when my mouth feels fresh and clean. Which leads me too why I’m an avid gum chewer and love Eclipse sugar free Spearmint gum. I also use Crest 3D White ‘Arctic Fresh’ toothpaste. I floss with those Oral B Glide 3D White floss picks. I use Listerine ‘cool mint’ antiseptic in the evening. AND probably the number one reason for the pearly whites……I don’t drink red wine or soda. I do have one cup of coffee every am, and if I’m not drinking water, it will be unsweet iced tea. That pretty much sums up my dental hygiene.


These are the ones I scored at WILLOW + WOODS on my trip to Seaside. I loooooove that store. Every. Single. Thing. is so good. Don’t you dare leave there without stopping in and trying on. They have 4 locations worth visiting. Mens too. Oh yeah, back to the boots. They were going quick when I was there, and she may have a few more sizes, but if not you can grab a pair here. Best part….they are a dead ringer for the Stuart Weitzman ‘Lowland’ boot for $798 which I love, but can’t pull the trigger on. But these, THESE are everything. I’m seriously obsessed and I will be wearing these everywhere. Here’s the one thing I’ll say about OTK boots, I like them without a heel. Otherwise, you’re 4 inches away from sleazy. You know what I mean? These are an excellent choice if you’re thinking about trying this look. Another plus, they come in 4 colors.

Top Photo: ©alyssarosenheck2016

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October 17, 2016



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"4 inches away from sleazy" hahaha! So true!


What color did you get in the boots?


I know I could just tell you this in person, but I have to have a post on your dermatologist. What treatments have you received, what works and what doesn’t, the skinny on botox…I need to know it all!


I have a question! How do you store your scarves? I love chunky scarves in the fall and I have so many that I currently have on two scarf hangers. They are so bulky and overflowing, I feel like there has to be a better way!


Hey Landyn!
First off, I live in SRB so it was cool to see your photos from vacation ;o) I hope you make it out to Rosemary when you are in town! Anyway, as you said, back to the boots. Do they stay up and structured thru an entire day/night of wearing? I keep running into the "sad slouch" with other boots!

Thanks for answering my question! I’ll definitely be ordering that necklace when it’s available!!

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