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I am so excited because I get to share with you guys the details from the chic Mexican fiesta that I threw earlier this month for all the 7th grade parents from my daughter’s school.  It was a great way for us all to get together and know each other better.  I love how the party turned out and I can not wait to share the details and some of my party planning tips with you.  I really wanted the vibe to be subtle and sophisticated, not in your face Mexican fiesta.  This leads me to my first tip.  You are going to see a theme in these tips because it is all about keeping it simple.


I started with a very neutral color palette consisting of white and gold (#duh).  My inspiration for the theme of the party was gorgeous green succulents.  They feel deserty (is that a word) and chic, plus they led me to my accent color of green.   When I was designing the pool house I purposely kept the color palette black and white because I knew that it would work well for entertaining and would be easy to add accents to based on the event.

 Succulent centerpiece in glass vase with rice
 Chic Mexican fiesta white lilies floating in pool

I was so excited because I got to work with Mesa Chic Parties on my decor and I absolutely loved all the gorgeous pieces I got.  If you are planning any kind of Mexican themed party I SERIOUSLY recommend that you check them out.  I used their gorgeous table runner on the food table, I hung one of their beautiful white linens on my wall hooks, and swagged their banners over the windows and mantle.

 Chic Mexican Fiesta White Paper Banner over Mantle
 Chic Mexican Fiesta Paper Banner Detail
 White and Grey towels on gold wall hooks


This really is a theme in all of my entertaining.  I like to keep it simple for myself and my guests.  I don’t like going totally overboard on decorations and florals.  In fact, a grocery store flower, like a carnation, can honestly look like a million bucks if you group them tightly together.  I also prefer to serve appetizers and easy-to-carry finger foods at my events, rather than seated meals.  First things first, it is less expensive, but I also feels like it allows guests to relax and mingle together.  For this event we did a really fun and easy taco bar served by Suzette’s Catering. It was easy, delicious, and went with the theme.

 Chic Mexican Fiesta salad and tortillas
 White and Gold Floating lanterns in Pool


Nobody wants a host who is frazzled and running around like a chicken with their heads cut off as the party is starting.  That is why I always set up my parties the night before or early on the day of the event if it is an evening party.  I literally carry everything that is going to be used to the area where I am hosting and do all of my prep work well in advance.  I fill all my coolers and drink buckets with beverages so that all I have to do is add ice.  I lay everything out on the table so that all I have to do is place food right before guests arrive.  I have all of my decorations together and arranged how I want them.  This allows me to be completely ready and less stressed, which frees me up to be a much better hostess.

 Galvanized bucket with beers on ice and lime wedges
 Bar Height Table with White Tablecloth black ribbon and succulent centerpiece
 Pool house


I am going to be honest, this is going to be one of those do as I say, not as I do kind of things.  I am legit the worst delegater you have every met.  Like a serious card carrying member of the Type A club when it comes to this kind of stuff.  Don’t be like me.  People want to help, so let them.  In my plan ahead steps that I mentioned above, I always put a sticky note with what is supposed to go in what dish when I am laying it out.  This is the perfect way for people or spouses and kids to help out if you need them because it is pretty fool proof.  All they have to do is put the food in the labeled dish.  You know all those coolers that you set up ahead of time for the drinks?  Let someone load those all up with ice.  Let them slice the lemons, limes or whatever other garnishes you are using.  These are all great small things that have to get done but are easier to let go for a control freak like myself. Most importantly…



I am sharing all my linkable sources below.  I actually got my centerpiece vases from HomeGoods, so definitely check at stores like that when you are there because they typically have tons of stuff like that for cheap.  Also, this is just a random little centerpiece tip. You might have noticed that I used rice in the centerpieces instead of sand.  Sand is actually either really expensive or really ugly if you don’t live at the beach, so rice is a affordable and chic alternative to sand.

As far as what I wore… I wanted it to, A: go with the theme. Yes, my brain works that way. And B: for it to be comfortable and stylish. So, I went with my go-to + ALL TIME FAVORITE dress on the planet. The MILA MAXI from Lovestitch and you can find it here. It’s a dress every girl should own. Trust me. Once you put it on, you’ll be ordering another. I should know…I have NINE, yes NINE hanging in my closet.

Now, where’s my MARGARITA?

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October 14, 2016



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Okay quick question. I love the lovestitch dresses, but how tall are you? On the website the model is 5’9 and the dress is touching the floor and it is a sm/md. Help I’m a shorty!!

Where did you get your black and white striped lumbar pillow on your lounge chair?
I am also wondering what are the beautiful boxes floating in the pool?

I LOVED following along with you when you decorated for this little party! Loved that you added the perfect little touches and didn’t over do it. So fun to see that you keep it budget friendly and chic! Can’t wait to see what you do with the next one. #inspiration

So beautifully done! Your world market chairs are great. I was thinking about getting them as counter stools for my new Carerra kitchen island. Decision solidified now that I see you have them 🙌🏼 Do you have stools at your kitchen island?
LOVE this series!!

Love your style! I was curious where the three hooks came from that are featured in this post? I love them!


Hi Landyn. I have the same question for me regarding being a "shorter" girl; lovestich dress – yes or no? Also, where did you find the small, round, high top tables that you set up outside? We are hosting David’s company holiday party in December. Last year EVERYONE congregated in the kitchen! How do we stop THAT?! I wasn’t even cooking, the caterer was prepping and everyone was right there ugggh!

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