I’m back and will be here every Monday to answer your most asked questions from the week prior. The feedback on this HEY LANDYN series has been so great, and I love answering your questions. Be sure to comment below if you’ve got a question you’d like answered.
Alright, lets get to it!



Well, to be honest I’ve never really been a supplement girl. I barely take Advil. But as I get older and will be approaching the big 4-0 next summer. I’ve been paying more attention to my body and thinking a little differently. So about 7 months ago I started taking OLLY vitamins and I’m loving how I feel and the benefits I’ve seen. Did I mention how yummy they are? Almost candy like. As a matter of fact, I take mine at night, except for the ENERGY one, and fool myself into thinking I’m having a CANDY before bed. My family is hooked too. Here’s what I’ve been chewing….


I use to take the BEAUTY one by OLLY, but one day I was at Target and the Vitafusion Gorgeous HAIR + SKIN + NAILS gummy vitamins were on sale and since I was out of the OLLY, I decided to try these for a month. OH. M. GEE. You guys, my hair and nails have been growing LIKE CRAZY. Here’s how I know. Every time I got a manicure leading up to this they’d asked me if I wanted to cut my nails and I would say no, please keep the length and just barely file them. I had to baby my 12 yr old boy nails. But now, they need to be cut down, like big time and they are strong. I can’t believe it. I noticed a difference after two weeks. And the hair….Yes! Even my 9 yr old the other day said, “mom, your hair is getting long” and my neighbor brought it to my attention too. Gotta love that.



So many questions about the shoes I wore on Saturday night. You know, these little stunners above. I scored those bad boys at DSW for $29 in June. They are the Steve Madden Francelli Sandal and you can click here to order those babies. There were limited sizes when I looked for you, but here are some other really great options if you strike out. They are so fun to wear and I always get so many compliments. Plus, fringe is so on trend for fall.


THIS. This is what I swear by. THIS is how I get through the week. THIS is what saves me a ton of time. THIS is how I only wash my hair twice a week. LIVING PROOF DRY SHAMPOO is my life line. I’ve tried a ton and don’t know what I did before this one? Most smell or leave a powdery residue, not this one. Try it. I can almost swear you’ll be a believer.

Header Photo: ©alyssarosenheck2016

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October 10, 2016



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What type of cleaner do you use on your cooktop to keep it looking so nice?

Rachelle Chavez

Can you post more pictures of your kitchen?


Hi Landyn! I love your blog and your instagram! Can you tell me what budget friendly clothing items are must haves? I’m a stay at home mom of three and just had my third 5 months ago. I’m trying to dress my new body for the fall/winter while also staying on a budget (around $500) and finding super mom friendly items. Any help would be so appreciated!

Ashley Patterson

Love this Ask Landyn idea! Okay so my questions at the moment are 1. What is it you use to remove pet stains? 2. What are your thoughts on mixing cabinet hardware (brass) with stainless steel sink, faucet, appliances? How would you design that? 3. Can you give more bathroom pics? I’m redesigning bathrooms and would love your tips, inspiration for materials and design. Thank you for being you!

Jamie G

Loving this segment on your blog!!

Becky THompson

Am I correct in understanding, you take one of each of those gummy vitamins every day? 6 in the evening and 1 in the morning? Just wanting to clarify…..I need to start taking some vitamins!!! Thanks for the post!!


Hey Landyn! I know you’ve done insta-stories of your home, but could you post a home-tour on your blog??

Deb M

Just ordered the dry shampoo!! Thank you!!


LOVE this new segment! What a fun blog to peruse while having my morning coffee! My girlfriends and I are planning a low-key Nashville girl’s trip, where should we go/what should we do? (fyi: we love wine and food!). Thanks!


Love this! I need new bath towels and have the hardest time finding ones I love. Do you have any suggestions?!

Jamie G

I realized I failed to ask my question yesterday. What helps you balance working out and enjoying all the yummy food? I looooove to cook and eat but I also want to stay in shape lol what are your thoughts/tricks/workout routines to balancing it all?

Do you have any advice for beginner bloggers out there on how to grow their blog, get more followers? would love to get some advice! xoxo

Jenny Davis

Hey girl! My family hosts a lot of get together.. we love it. What are some of your quick, go to apps that you like? Thanks!!! Xoxo

Staci DeGregori

Love your style! What to wear?? We are invited to a black tie wedding in November. What would you wear?? Both Long and short options? Short is appropriate I would guess–girls can get away with it!!

Claire Hemphill

Hi Landyn! I love your blog and instastories. It’s so much fun following you. I must confess, I’ve spent a lot more money since reading your blog. 😉 Here is my question…
My husband and I are hosting his staff Christmas party at our home this year and are expecting around 30 people. I want to keep it simple, but elegant. When the time is closer, I would love to see your holiday decorating ideas, including a centerpiece option for a party like this. Also, any appetizer or finger food ideas/ recipes would be appreciated.
Thanks so much!!


This is such a great idea!!! I love this! You are my favorite blogger and favorite mama to follow in IG! Thanks for being so real and down to earth! I’m in LOVE with the little gold delicate open circle necklace you wear a lot. Where can I find one?!


Hi Landyn!! L-O-V-E your blog and your Instastories!! What do you use to wash your face daily? And do you use an under eye cream?? I also love your necklace- where can we get one??
Love all you do- keep it comin’!

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