The TWEENAGER. The girl that has everything. Wants everything. But hates what you buy. Ha! We all know her, we all were her at some point. Take it easy on this sweet + sassy little lady. She’s just trying to figure it all out. Below are some great gift options that I’ll be gifting to my tweenager. It’s a little bit of everything and something a girl around her age will love. I did my research and asked lot’s of questions about what she and her friends are really wanting under the tree.


 Christmas gift guide for a tween girl what to get a tween girl for christmas

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  1. Rose Gold Beats: When you’re in 7th grade, you’ve ‘got to have a pair of these’, so she says! She has a regular pair of over the ear cheapy headphones, but she’s shown me she knows how to take care of things and I’m going to treat her to a pair of these rose gold Beats.
  2. Adidas Hardshell Sneakers: Like the Stan Smiths, Adidas has made such a come back this year. And these babies are at the top of her wish list. Written in BOLD. Please mommy kinda want. It’s real.
  3. Turtle Mail: I mentioned this on my Annie Downs Podcast last week. It was a sneak peek into this gift guide. Ok, this thing is THE coolest. It is a wifi connected mailbox. Friends and family can send mail through their mobile or desktop to your kids. Like old fashioned snail mail. Just need to download the app. No ink cartridge or subscription required. HOW COOL IS THAT!!!
  4. Mia 1 Cleaning System: I gave this to her for her birthday. I don’t think it’s ever to early to start teaching about good skin care. My mom taught me young and I’m forever grateful to her now. This particular style has one speed and easy to maneuver. Plus it’s pink, which makes it fun!
  5. Jeweled Cat Ear Beanie: A hat is a hat, but what about a embellished kitty cat ear beanie?  Oh yeah, that’s a winner. Again, at this age you can never have too many sparkles.
  6. Duffle Bag: Sleepovers are all the rage at this age, and apparently bringing your stuff in your backpack is frowned upon. This sweet child needs a duffle bag and I thought this was just the cutest. I love the simplicity of it.
  7. Confetti Phone Case: She’s all about the phone cases. As a matter of fact she changes them out constantly and the other day she spotted this one and added to her list. What girl this age doesn’t love a little glitter?
  8. Dry Erase Calendar and Chalk Markers: Ask my daughter where she wants to go spend her birthday money? No, not where you’d think, but at an office supply store. This child is obsessed with all office supplies + pens + markers + note pads + calendars. So I’ve been on the hunt for a good sized chalkboard for her room. She’s gonna FLIP for this! Don’t forget the colored chalk/markers.
  9. Bluetooth Speaker: This is something she got last Christmas and LOVES. It connects to her phone and any bluetooth device. The sound is incredible. Looking for her? She’s up in her room blasting this thing. Remember doing that? I do.
  10. Hooded Cardigan: Oh my gosh. THIS cardi is the cutest. I seriously wish they made it in my size. Thankfully she shares my sense of style. She’ll love this!
  11. Cinema Lightbox: These are all the rage. Not just for Tweens. My girlfriend has one and she has more fun displaying phrases on it. I kinda want one too. If you need a GREAT gift that’s sure to be a hit….it’s this right here!
  12. Plaid Dress: I swear, shopping for my daughter is like playing dress up with a doll. It’s so fun and she still likes what I pick out (for the most part) So when I saw this, I was like Oh yeah totally getting this!
  13. Hooded Robe: She’s been asking for a robe and I finally found one that wasn’t pink with sparkly crowns on it. Plus it’s super soft and plush. And who doesn’t love a polka-dot?
  14. Kitty Zip Pouch: Now, something to hold all those pens + colorful pencils she must have. Because if you didn’t know, a cute pencil pouch is also ALL THE RAGE in middle school. Plus it doubles as a great toiletry holder for all those sleepovers.
  15. Initial Necklace: Every girl, no matter how young loves a little sparkle under the tree and this sweet little initial necklace is perfect. I’m excited to see her face when she opens it.


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November 23, 2016


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Love these ideas! I have three girls and have been struggling:) Thx for all your hard work and making Christmas a little less crazy for all us crazy busy moms:)

Please help out an old person! Love your gift ideas for Tweens! Looking for ideas for my niece (12 yrs old) & thought the Beats headphones might be it. Her mom says she has headphones that plug into her IPad? Are these the same thing? How do these work? Thanks so much!! MaryEllen

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